Aug 9, 2011
Donwun (All reviews)
Unfortunately I bought this from Manga Entertainment’s supposed “classic DVD collection” well this series is just straight up wack….with a few laughable exceptions.


Poorish 80’s animation that seems to add to the series kornyness. Character designs are very similar nothing that really stands out. During the battle scenes you can see some transformer/evangelion-ish attacks which are just LAME but can also be amusing.


The only mentionable part of this was the strange dialogue, which in turn comes from a strange and dumb storyline nevertheless the voice actors did a good job playing these characters (english dub I mean).


Hmm lets see boy has to pilot a giant mecha because its his destiny and he’s the only one who can do sound familiar..It’s just a very shallow storyline which can seem familiar to anyone who has seen the many evangelion incarnates. Its not a very long series anyway so it’s quite rushed and the ending was just…..DUMB!


The characters are very one dimensional and predictable, you don’t really get to know any of them for long so what more can I say. The main character is the only one with a smudge of depth and to be quite honest it’s just not interesting enough.


I enjoyed the part where the credits came up and I took out the DVD.


This series is just another Apocalyptic knock-off done very cheaply and badly.
Probably the best thing about this series was the title itself

Project Hades…sounds cool..then again I want those 2 hours back