Apr 14, 2008
aghagjhakjghakg (All reviews)
I have to start with that this is probably THE weirdest movie I have ever seen. And you know what, I loved it. You get completly lost when u watch it but in a good way, but the best thing with this is probably that they made it look like a kids show, but its so harsh in some places that you realise that this is not a kids show.

Story: I liked the story that the Main cat (Nyatto) is trying to help his sister that got her soul removed. but that might just be because I love weird anime.

Art: I just got blown away by the art, it was so appeling that I cant give it lower then a perfect score.

sound:The sound was good, cant really elaborate that because the characters doesn't talk. but they did a really nice work with the backround sound and music.

Character: I loved Nyatto he did things that you would never expect a cat to do.

Enjoyment: The enjoyment gets a perfect score, I just laught the whole time, this movie OWNED.