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Apr 14, 2008
I have to start with that this is probably THE weirdest movie I have ever seen. And you know what, I loved it. You get completly lost when u watch it but in a good way, but the best thing with this is probably that they made it look like a kids show, but its so harsh in some places that you realise that this is not a kids show.

Story: I liked the story that the Main cat (Nyatto) is trying to help his sister that got her soul removed. but that might just be because I love weird anime.

Art: I just got blown away read more
Apr 5, 2008
I just finished this movie, and it was great. If you plan to watch this do not count on that it will resemble the series. It has a small part of the story that is near the serie but when you watch it you will se that they focus more on nagisa and okazaki then the series did.

Story: in short, I loved the story. It was alot better then the one in the serie, why? Because they focus more on the Nagisa & okazaki relationship and they dont focus on the other characters so much like the series did. And because of that the movie read more