Apr 4, 2021
dlxuniuniu (All reviews)
Save the world with talking plush cats? Sounds like a dream to me. In "Mewkledreamy Land" however, this is the everyday life for our heroine Yume-chan. Thanks to her, citizens manage to get rid of all their bad and negative thoughts. Let's take a closer look at this Mahou Shoujo anime.

Before we start with the actual anime, it is interesting to know a little about the director of this project Hiroaki Sakurai. Anyone who briefly clicked on his name and took a look at his works will surely have discovered a pattern. Many there come from the “Fantasy Mahou Shoujo“ genre. One or the other might have seen the anime "Machikado Mazoku" (The Demon Girl Next Door). Therefore, It can be assumed that “Mewkledreamy” also include all these typical elements.

It all starts on a normal day. Our protagonist Yume-chan wanted to go to school as normal, but a cute little cat plush toy fell from the sky out of nowhere. As if that's not already a miracle, it turns out that this little kitten can even speak human language and is called Mew. She explains to Yume that she is the chosen one to free humanity from all evil and negative thoughts. Thanks to a magical transformation, Yume is able to travel into the dream world of people. She has to fight against the nightmare of the concerned person there, from giant robots to "pumpkin man", all imaginable evil opponents are present. After a successful fight there is a "Dreamystone", which she has to collect and thus save the world.

Of course, every superhero needs loyal helpers to help him fighting against the evil. Marmaid Man, for example, has Barnacle Boy as a partner. Without him it would not be possible to win against Dirty Bubble or Man Ray. Our heroine Yume-chan has three closest friends: Maira, Tokiwa and Kotoko, whom she can always rely on. They are gradually getting their own kittens as well to support her. Of course, we cannot forget her childhood friend Asahi, he would really do anything for her. A true gentleman who is still hoping for Yume-chan's reaction when it comes to love.
After looking at the "good side", let's briefly look at the other side. The biggest opponent there is a little black cat named Yuni-sama. He has a magic wand that makes people's dark thoughts come true. The heartthrob and also Yume’s crush Sugiyama-senpai develop from a very nice boy to a dangerous opponent. He's a real boss who shouldn't be underestimated.

It can be said that the animations certainly make this to show what it is. Anyone who has already watched other Mahou Shuojo anime knows this world full of bright colors. This can be seen here as well. It's designed very nicely, the setting and the characters. Everything looks very matching in terms of color. The dark side is also revealed in the battles. It is a show that enchants you with color.
"Mewkledreamy" has 48 episodes and unfortunately only one OP and ED. Although these are very nice to listen to and it is a pleasure to enjoy the song, it would certainly have been better to have had some variety. The sounds in the anime, on the other hand, are very well designed. Even the small details such as a little transformation comes to light.

The first episode of the anime aired in April 2020 and almost exactly one year later after 48 episodes it was completed. It was a long drive, but I definitely enjoyed it. There are so many stories and backgrounds that even writing a paper would not be enough. In the end I only focused on the essentials. In addition to the mentioned characters, there are numerous supporting characters who stand out in their own way. While I have to admit that 48 episodes is a big project and the story can probably be told in 12 episodes, I enjoyed every single one of them. Relax yourself and simply enjoy. But It really is an anime where everyone has to decide for themselves if this sort of anime is a watch. Nevertheless, it can be said that even adults will also find their fun here. I would even say this is not a typical “kid anime”, so don’t get fooled by the tag. It's a quite shame that this anime has gotten into the background and hardly anyone knows about it.

With these words, see you all in the sequel of their adventure "Mewkledreamy Mix"!