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May 8, 2021
Studio T-Rex, brand Bunnywalker.
"Ijirare: Fukushuu Saimin", "Ane wa Yanmama Junyuu-chuu", "Oide yo! Mizuryuu Kei Land" and so many more...the list would go on and on. What do they all have in common? The brilliant animation of course. This h*ntai "Uchi no Otouto" is no exception as well.

Let's start with the "story", even if that is certainly not the most important thing. Who doesn't know them: Shotas with a HUGE D. Forget everything else, those little boys are the real bosses. They often manage the impossible thing and you just have no chance against them. In this case, our little boy is the only one ...
Apr 25, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
Does your favorite football team puke you every weekend because they play like sh*t and lose every game?
Then this anime is perfect to watch good football finally. These girls are still hoping to score and give everything, even if they are already behind in the double-digit range.

After four episodes that have already been aired, a short interim conclusion can be drawn:

By far the most interesting point. How does "joshi kousei" football work in Japan? Is there a future for this? The anime asks a few crucial questions that are not trivial to answer. We follow the day-to-day practice of a girls high school team. They ...
Apr 4, 2021
Mewkledreamy (Anime) add
Save the world with talking plush cats? Sounds like a dream to me. In "Mewkledreamy Land" however, this is the everyday life for our heroine Yume-chan. Thanks to her, citizens manage to get rid of all their bad and negative thoughts. Let's take a closer look at this Mahou Shoujo anime.

Before we start with the actual anime, it is interesting to know a little about the director of this project Hiroaki Sakurai. Anyone who briefly clicked on his name and took a look at his works will surely have discovered a pattern. Many there come from the “Fantasy Mahou Shoujo“ genre. One or the other ...
Apr 1, 2021
Winter is the perfect time for camping. Would you agree?
In the winter season 2018 we all enjoyed the camping tour of our girls for the first time, three years later the long-awaited continuation is finally here and the comfiness continues!

We all already know what "Yuru Camp△" (don't forget the little tent) is about: Camping! The story is just as simple and ingenious as we know it from the previous season. But wait, we experience Nadeshiko camping alone for the first time without her friends. Can that go well? Camping items are also quite expensive, so she has to take a part-time job to be able ...
Mar 30, 2021
How would you describe "Wonder Egg Priority" in one word? "UNIQUE" would be my first thought. What is it all about? Let’s be honest, it's really hard to put it into words. Bully, hate, love, friendship etc. all these important aspects of our life play a major role. “Wonder Egg Priority” isn't just an anime, it's a life lesson.

Bullying is one of the worst things that can happen to someone. It takes away all your “joie de vivre”, often leading to suicide in the end. The pain is extremely deep when this person was very important to you. How far would you go to save ...
Mar 30, 2021
"I love you." The three most beautiful words.

I've already written a lot of reviews, but this is the first time I write something about a h*ntai. Why did I choose "Kimi ga Suki"? The answer can be said in one word: wholesome.

Is "Kimi ga Suki" a normal anime? Certainly not, because the sex scenes are there. Still, it reminds you a lot of a wonderful romance anime. We experience four different couples in the two episodes who really love their partner more than anything else. It's just a short story, a snippet of their everyday life, but these are exactly the moments that define a ...
Mar 29, 2021
What's better than waifu ships fighting? You’re right, just watching our cute little girls have a lot of fun in their everyday life.
When the previous main part of Azur Lane came out in late 2019, the hype was really big. After all, Azur Lane is a very successful mobile game, I mean who doesn't want to collect all the different waifus. But the disillusionment came quickly. From the entire animation to a break of several months in between, this anime has suffered a lot of criticism. With "Bisoku Zenshin!" the studio "CANDY BOX" is trying to do everything better and they certainly succeeded in their ...
Mar 29, 2021
With "Garugaku" the future generation of idol music lies before us! Are you looking for something short, relaxed with nice music? Then this anime is perfect for you!

Becoming a successful idol is difficult and takes a lot of hard work. Our student Toa had always had this dream. She entered the “St. Girls Square Academy” with great joy in order to come one step closer to her dream. But it quickly turns out that it will be an extremely difficult path. Nevertheless, she never gives up and makes friends with whom she found an idol group together. The competitors from the other groups are not ...
Mar 29, 2021
"No matter how many setbacks you suffer, don't let this encourage you and never give up!" - Toukai Teiou & Mejiro McQueen

As a professional athlete you get injured very often in your career, it is certainly no different with horses. They run, train and give their best every day as well to outperform the competitors. With the second season of "Uma Musume" our horse girls are ready to give everything again to become the very best and standing on the top!

In the first season we experienced the friendship and rivalry between "Special Week" and "Silence Suzuka". It is definitely advisable to watch that first before ...
Mar 28, 2021
Over two and a half years ago in 2018 we watched the daily life of our friends for the last time in the movie "Non Non Biyori Vacation", where they traveled together to Okinawa during the summer holiday. It's been almost six years since the entire second season aired, but all the wait was more than worth it in the end. In the winter season 2021 the studio "SILVER LINK." gives us hopes for better times with the long awaited third season "Nonstop". Welcome to the most idyllic anime series in history: "Non Non Biyori"!

The exciting everyday life of our four friends Renge, Komari, Hotaru ...

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