Mar 4, 2021
Mixed Feelings
I think it's a good idea to spread awareness about the plastics and trash that contaminated the sea and affecting marine animals. I really wish the anime would be more realistic, based on reality lives than just a fantasy because, in reality, it is really hard to tell people to not littering the ocean.
You can't just tell people "hey the sea is polluted and marine animals are dying we have to stop this" and then they just agree and clean the oceans. In reality, there are many people who are lazy to put trash in to the bin or just put it in their pocket or their bag if there is no bin. They literally throw trash like they throw rocks because they are too lazy to find a bin or they don't want their pocket or bag to be dirty. And there are many people who have their stupid reasons.
So, the good thing about this movie is only animation, and others. I hate the pastel colors, they burn my eyes. I really wish the story is more realistic.
Reviewer’s Rating: 5
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