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Nov 22, 2022
One Punch-Man (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (168/? chp)
I recommend it BUT ONLY the webcomic, not the manga. Now I know that the webco art is nothing compared to the manga's, but trust me, the webco (ORIGINAL story plot) makes sooo much sense compared to the manga which is trash lately, Garou being made like a fun relief character-ish which is ridiculously stupid.
I'm dropping this bc well at first I came because of the art, but then I'm more interested in the plot. The latest chapter and the cosmic arc is trash bc it doesn't even makes sense. So yeah, I'm moving to webco now. It only got hype bc of the art, ...
Aug 10, 2021
When I saw the poster I was very excited to see the movie, like I never had hope this big for an anime movie before, but turns out, this really disappointed me. Lacks protagonism, clickbait fanservice, absurd typical cliche antagonist. I really wish it was the Worst Gen vs Bullet, instead of some mixed random significant characters teaming up. And the characters portrayed still can't discover new "techniques" in their power etc (in combat meaning, idk if this makes sense). It's just inconsistent. And also I DESPISE the ending when Luffy crushed the laugh tale. The only good thing about this movie is animation, CGI, ...
Mar 4, 2021
Mixed Feelings
I think it's a good idea to spread awareness about the plastics and trash that contaminated the sea and affecting marine animals. I really wish the anime would be more realistic, based on reality lives than just a fantasy because, in reality, it is really hard to tell people to not littering the ocean.
You can't just tell people "hey the sea is polluted and marine animals are dying we have to stop this" and then they just agree and clean the oceans. In reality, there are many people who are lazy to put trash in to the bin or just put it in their pocket ...

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