Feb 23, 2021
NelsonCocabuena (All reviews)
*English is not my primary language *
I'm going to divide the analysis into two blocks: phantom blood the first and battle tendency the second

Phantom blood:
I will start with the story which made me quite boring, although I find quite original the concept of putting monsters and a power that is controlled through breathing in the nineteenth century but, I think it becomes quite heavy and did not finish hooking the more casual audience, although it must be recognized that although it is boring it is well built and carried in general 6/10

The characters, while also well built and with justified actions throughout the story, become too serious and dramatic, the only one that is more or less saved from this drama complex is Zeppelin and Dio but why I already knew the meme of "it was I Dio" the rest became quite dramatic, especially Jonathan 5/10

The music although for me it was not very memorable but I think it was level and above all it was very well placed, the rhythms were good and they knew how to start at the right time to convey the feelings of the momento, Although the opening is not bad at all and I really liked it 6/10

I found the drawing really good, but if anything I think stands out this anime is in its animation, it has some really good moments visually speaking, it is in my opinion it is the part where the anime stands out plus 8/10.

This first part was not entirely to my liking it became quite heavy and it took me quite a while to finish it since it became very heavy, if we do the accounts of the notes that I have been putting we get an average of 5 (6+6+8+5=25÷4=5) But I think the fairest note is a 5'5 because it's a little bit the one that starts it all

Battle Tendency:
Well the idea of this second part is to continue in a certain way Phantom blood taking a temporary leap of about 50 years, In the time of Nazi Germany At first we may think that we will continue on the same path of a somewhat heavy history, only that it now has the Nazis, but although at first it is, it gradually becomes more interesting and entertaining because of the twists it's taking the truth and you know how to get along pretty well all the time 7/10

The characters are certainly the strong point, although previous characters such as Spewdragon or Erina are repeated these go into the background for almost the entire plot to give rise to very characteristic characters such as Joseph, Stroheim, Caesar or Lisa Lisa, who seemed very memorable to me and also added a touch of humor to the plot to which it feels like a ring to your finger and that does not tire you , could not wait to see when it would be the next time Joseph re-predicted what your rivals were going to say, I really liked the Characters of Battle Tendency 9/10

The music on this occasion if it improved quite a bit, the opening seemed really good and there are some OST that stayed with me like that of the Nazis or those of the men of the pillar (Wamuu, Esidisi or Kars) I really quite liked the songs of this part of the season 8/10

The animation is maintained quite well, there is not much more to say since... It's about the same as Phantom blood 8/10

This part of the season I really liked it more and it became much more enjoyable than that of phantom blood the truth, so its average of 8 (8+8+9+7=32÷4=8) It's pretty correct and I enjoy it a lot more than Phantom Blood

Final conclusion:
This first season of Jojos is a coin, because it has a really boring face and that you will not like (phantom blood) but another very charismatic that can come to conquer (battle tendency) although I did something heavy I had fun watching this sign for that although the average would be a 6'75 (8+5,5=13,5÷2=6,75) I think the most suitable note is a 7.7 since Phantom Blood are not as many episodes as Battle Tendency

Final Note: 7.7