Jun 29, 2020
I'll just cut to the chase here: if you're looking for a good historical mystery show, this isn't it. In the same season where Yesterday wo Utatte airs to old nostalgia (and immediately getting a bad rap for its obscene adaptation), this series created in the late 90s (1999 to be exact) and falling into obscurity is honestly not a surprise.

Fast forward 20 years later, and Liden Films' anime adaptation...will quickly fall into obscurity as well (not to mention the obviously low amount of people watching this).

Think with me like this: We have seen detective shows and played detective games before, but historical ones are rife with accuracy, and as much as "fiction" allows the brazen content to skirt around its intended "plot", sadly what we have here in the Woodpecker's Detective Office, is nothing but merely a Shakespeare-ish kind of mediocre play that wears on its audience. (Don't fault me on the adaptation though, I know next to nothing about it.}

Cases to solve a crime. There are many ways to go around this, especially in historical context (19th Century Japan, or the Edo Period), where works of art come around to play a part in solving crimes...that is: the art of poetry.

Characters are somewhat wishy-washy for the most part. The main leads Kyousuke Kindaichi (I'd swear that surname is to cash in on the late 90s craze of "Kindaichi's Case Files" from the novelist) and Takuboku Ishikawa. One full fledged detective, the other a poet. I'll admit that solving crimes through poetry is kinda of an art in itself, and it's interesting to see how it connects to the sole purpose of giving justice a name, but the story itself, feels like unconnected chapters of a novel, just there to give the book a name and "exposition" for the many "case files" to be tackled. Both of their relationship with each other is mutual, but a constantly fractured one as one acts insane, the other tries to quell his insanity, and it feels very forced for the most part. Not to mention the calefare "detectives" who are there to always give the main characters some pep talk about the cases and their narration, it just feels RPG-ish and something that's definitely not from a novel (that is, story content).

For the most part, getting subpar studio Liden Films to do this production just feels like it's the studio's bread-and-butter whilst awaiting for high-profile jobs (I'm looking at you, Cells at Work: Black) to produce with ease. Not saying that it looks bad, but the world around it just looks boring, even for shows that try to portray the historical theme to decent fluidity. Not to mention that studios like this are floating by just to get noticed, it just feels like wasted effort (and proven for the last year as well). Music really is so-so.

Not really memorable though, I feel like you could pass this show by and have better shows to watch instead of this. But if this ever tickles your fancy, try the 3-episode rule on this if there's anything to recommend by.
Reviewer’s Rating: 4
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