Jun 5, 2020
Tamuera (All reviews)
Another one of these appalling Suzuki Mirano productions that focus entirely on gang rape/humiliation/NTR; all themes the brand seems to be very fond of, as I've learned at my own expenses not being a fan of any of these.

The premise is high schoolers stranded on a remote island because of reasons, the setup is students getting violent and starting to gang rape any girl on sight.
The story focus in particular on two "good guys" who refuse to give in on their lust and fight to the end to protect the two girls they like, while other secondary girls in the show keep falling victims of the feral pack.

There's not much to say about the story development. It's one excuse after another to see a new girl getting either abused by a single guy or gang-raped by a pack.

Nothing of this is particularly tasteful in general, but the show plays his last curve ball by the very final, at the end of the second and last episode:
all previous efforts in vain, our four protagonists are finally captured.
The imposing big guy who's also leader of the "bad students" shows them their base camp, a place where students are relentlessly gang-raping simultaneously in full public view ALL the previous girls we've seen so far.

He then comments nonchalantly something among the lines of "What's so bad about this? You guys surely did it like rabbits as well".
Informed that this is not the case, he grins and chooses his punishment: the two "good guys" are put on their knees and forced to watch while their two love interests they have protected so far are repeatedly gang-raped in front of them.

This is it. Like in many "netorare" narratives, the final is purposefully designed to make a mockery of the four "heroes" and humiliate them.
Of course, since the abuse may not be humiliating and frustrating enough in itself, there's also the mandatory comments from the girls reticently admitting between moans that they are having their orgasm.

Basically, this is the type of porn you may enjoy if you're a sadist who likes people being abused and mentally broken or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, if a humiliation fetish is your thing.
Anyone who has any degree of empathy and tends to sympathize with the characters when watching fiction should avoid it, because it will leave them bitter if not even openly upset.