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Jun 5, 2020
Another one of these appalling Suzuki Mirano productions that focus entirely on gang rape/humiliation/NTR; all themes the brand seems to be very fond of, as I've learned at my own expenses not being a fan of any of these.

The premise is high schoolers stranded on a remote island because of reasons, the setup is students getting violent and starting to gang rape any girl on sight.
The story focus in particular on two "good guys" who refuse to give in on their lust and fight to the end to protect the two girls they like, while other secondary girls in the show keep falling victims of read more
Jun 2, 2020
This had to be the most uncomfortable I've ever felt watching a hentai. And I've seen stuff in what were supposed to be far more extreme genres over the years.

I can't honestly even joke about it. Too grounded in reality to even make fun of it.

The premise is literally about portraying a real-world middle age man grooming, exploiting and sexually abusing real-world prepubescent girls.
Let me make this clear: not "adults stylized as kids", not "400 years old magical girls/dragons/vampires assuming a loli appearance", not "lustful teens with a small body frame" either.
You can't even call these loli, because they are underage even by read more