Jun 2, 2020
Tamuera (All reviews)
This had to be the most uncomfortable I've ever felt watching a hentai. And I've seen stuff in what were supposed to be far more extreme genres over the years.

I can't honestly even joke about it. Too grounded in reality to even make fun of it.

The premise is literally about portraying a real-world middle age man grooming, exploiting and sexually abusing real-world prepubescent girls.
Let me make this clear: not "adults stylized as kids", not "400 years old magical girls/dragons/vampires assuming a loli appearance", not "lustful teens with a small body frame" either.
You can't even call these loli, because they are underage even by the definition of the term (12-13). We are talking about some bona fide nine-ten years old girls.
This is straight up child pornography in an animated format.

The series goes on involving the old creep and these girls into full sexual intercourse, anal, fellatio and what else. And it should be stressed that these are not even fully consensual relationships either.
Each setup can be summarized as "Girl asks for a favor, child rapist exploits her naivety to push her into sexual intercourse ignoring her initial protests, she grows more or less into accepting or even enjoying the sexual act in the middle of it".

If the setup wasn't more than distasteful enough on its own right, the genuinely creepy side of the entire production is that the serial child abuser at the center of these events is not even framed as the slimy monster he is, someone in the process of paving his way to prison or hopefully to some sort of hell; instead he's genuinely portrayed as a someone "slightly perverted" but overall considerate, caring and somewhat fatherly toward the girls.
All the girls despise some initial protest and a late full recognition that he's a "pervert" (because appropriately calling him a child rapist didn't sound nice enough, I guess) tend to part ways with him in extremely friendly terms, too. Occasionally even growing more fond of him in the process.

I realize that a lot of people will keep making the same disgusting self-indulgent jokes to justify it, hand-wave it nonchalantly with some tired "FBI, open up" meme or making lame excuses about how "they are drawing and not real kids anyway".

I don't really feel any of that changes how this production feels overall: a straight-up endorsement of grooming and sexually exploiting children.
It honestly made me feel as if I was witnessing genuine child porn and I still feel nauseous for it.