May 27, 2020
Novecento (All reviews)
I'm quite satisfied with this manhua: I really like the type of drawing, the main characters are both pleasant and appreciable, well written and responsive (each in their own way).
The story begins slowly and the first 40/50 chapters are the ones I appreciated the most along with some of the final chapters: the situations described were very credible and engaging.
Around the middle of the manhua I think there's too much drama (it's still absolutly tollerable) and a trope is introduced - which I think is starting to become popular in BLs since I saw the same situation in the BL that I read before this - and I find it incredibly stupid and also ugly (like all the tropes in BLs If I have to be honest) [SPOILER]: the "I am gay, while you like women - even if you like me, a man - and therefore you are normal, so we do not understand each other and you cannot understand me and I don't want you to experiment what I am forced to go through as a gay dude" trope.
Now, this is an absolute nonsense - that I hope I will never read anywhere else again - for a number of reasons: first, there is a sexual orientation to indicate people who like both men and women and this term is bisexual (not "straight, but you are the exception") and the concept of "you do not understand what it's like to be gay and you would not understand even if I explain that to you" is absolutly ridiculous because the other person is already having the same experiences of the "gay one" because he already has a thing with a man!
Luckily this manhua, in the end, manages the situation decently: "the heterosexual" - who fortunately has never really declared himself straight, but only "non-gay" - becomes aware of his sexual orientation (a character even uses the word ""bi", what a miracle) and comes out to his father saying he did it firstly for himself and not only for the comfort of the other guy, and the other one - who had accused him of not understanding - apologizes because he realizes that he told him some nonsense without even taking into account his feelings. [END SPOILERS].
Although I liked it a lot I can't give more than 8 for two other reasons "and a half" (in addition to the overly dramatic situations in the middle of the story, as I already told): first, the introduction of other gay couples - another BL's trope that I dislike a lot and plus they were not very credible, the characters were uninteresting, individually they worked better than as a duo and that's why I just pretend they don't exist in the story at all - and, second, because the author should have already had finished this work cause the main couple (which is however the only one seen in 95% of the chapters) was resolved shortly after the chapter 100 and there is very little else to say - if not continue for the others, who as I said, are absolutely uninspired!
The "half" reason is that (SPOILER) they don't change positions when they have sex - although I still have hope, since they start doing it very late in manhua -.
At this point I think than when - and if - I will find a BL with a versatile couple I will have a party. (END SPOILER)

Ultimately, I recommend it - albeit with its shortcomings - because it remains a very nice BL, the characters are interesting (and not stereotyped), the situations are credible and engaging and it has very well-made drawings.
The chapters are many, but often they are short and therefore it doesn't really take much time to read it all.
I would say that it is more than acceptable even from the point of view of a gay guy and not just of a fujoshi, so I'd say it's promoted.

I read this review at least three times and I'm sorry If I made some mistakes, but english is not my first language.