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May 27, 2020
I'm quite satisfied with this manhua: I really like the type of drawing, the main characters are both pleasant and appreciable, well written and responsive (each in their own way).
The story begins slowly and the first 40/50 chapters are the ones I appreciated the most along with some of the final chapters: the situations described were very credible and engaging.
Around the middle of the manhua I think there's too much drama (it's still absolutly tollerable) and a trope is introduced - which I think is starting to become popular in BLs since I saw the same situation in the BL that I read before this read more
May 21, 2020
I highly recommend it: this anime was a breath of fresh air.
The story is interesting and the end is unexpected - at least, for me it totally was -, but unfortunately it is told in somewhat hasty way (I think they should have done 12 episodes instead of 10).
The design is peculiar, but I loved it - even if I understand that someone may not like it and it's also a little bit too confusing during action, expecially in the last episode -.
About the OST, well, it'is just amazing: I gave at the sound a solid 10/10.
"Smell blood" and "Judment" are just too good.

I think read more