Apr 24, 2020
Zetophi (All reviews)
So in these 4 Episode I have been watching, I'll be sharing a piece of my mind on what I think of this new 2020 Sakura Wars, in a short but simple form, as I don't have fully enough information to go into full detail yet.

What I found to be good.
- Nostalgia, the Music is great, the opening music is FANTASTIC.
- Voices, reminds me of the original actor (For Sakura and their commander at least)
- The Premise of the story is GREAT, so far.
- The Characters personalities are great.

What I found to be Bad if not worse.
- The CGI Dolls they dress up like hand drawn animations.
-- I throw up in my mouth a little every time I see them, over dramatized but it feels that way.
-- I try to get into the story, but at times the CGI Characters are just revolting, still Pretty though.

Compared to the past Anime.
- I can't really say, as they say it happens 14 years later, but not sure if that means after the 2000's series.
-- I can only wonder if that means Sakura is 28 - 30 years old here.
And based on that, I can only speculate that it is a Continuation of the original.... OR, it is all new... I still need to look into this.

So far... outside of those few issues, This is a great Series.
I think it is based on the PS4 game too.