Apr 6, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Hmm. I really needed a second review on this damn movie. Where can you start with the absurdness that is the
Patalliro anime? In a flurry of quick hitting gags and 70s gay (?) drama you realize one thing-If you are not Japanese, you will never be able to pin down half the cultural references. And an interesting relationship with Nazi imagery can ruin the series for some. For sure a movie for the seasoned anime viewer and being familiar with who the characters are, I'd say not seeing the whole TV show won't take away from seeing this uh...48 minute special.

Will you forget the opening scene half way through reminding you that there was some type of space setting? yes. Will the theme song make you pause the movie just so you can go and look it up? Yes. Will it be confusing because you remeber oh yeah Maraich gets PREGNANT in the source material? Maybe, thats up to you. If you are bored, and willing to be a little brain dead for an hour, then honestly it isn't the worst. Plus the Hair makes up for the lack of story (wait, did Patalliro ever have one)?
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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