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Jan 25, 2020
I thought I might as well write a review for on of my favorite manga since no one else has.....
Yamaji has easily become one of my most beloved Mangaka, Her very simple clean art work in combination with very real life situations flows naturally. Indigo Blue is no exception. Keeping with the 'Bian' theme of her other works. There is no huge plot or exciting story here. Rutsu, a novelist, meets Tamaki, a magazine editior. Both women have their relationship woes told over a quick 12 chapters.
The very real and easy feeling of lesbianism is pleasant. I am often drawn to short simple stories read more
Nov 9, 2018
The first Manga i ever read was Dorohedoro and i'm grateful that it was. The excitement of waiting for a book to be released and checking them out at my library 4 books at a time, the anxiety of having to return them and not be able to go back and admire the art and worrying that i was reading them too fast. I never want to forget the amazing experience that Dorohedoro was. It introduced me to a new idea of what manga is and what it can be, that the most complicated of stories can still be simple and heart warming even in read more