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Apr 5, 2021
well it's the finale of the tennis show that rocked the world and became one of the best selling shoujo manga of all time. Farewell Oka!
In a very bittersweet goodbye to one of the most surprising additions to lifelong favorites, I look back at the series with fondness. Mainly upset that I won't be able to rush to review something I'm so in love with so others might have insight into such a forgotten series, or be the sole commenter on streaming sites.

Final stage is a direct continuation of Aim for the ace:2. I would barely call them separate seasons as the story is read more
Jul 2, 2020
1971, Japans first Yuri manga is published: Shiroi Heya no Futari.
Truly somethings that holds well on it's own, and started an entire genre of dramatic school lesbians in anime and manga. Couple of the white room is simple, short, and bittersweet. The dynamic between stereotypical blonde haired naive Resine and matured, sharp eyed Simone works perfectly for 80 pages.
Very representative of it's time with it's highly stylized 70's shoujo trademarks: sparkling eyes, clean thick lines, decorative side panels, and existential melodramatic narrative.
For something so short there is not much to nitpick other than it seeming inevitably weak to those used to read more
Jul 1, 2020
I am going into this without reading the 15 volume source material, so I'm limited. I am also viewing this in a post 9/11 era so the idea of terrorism at airports is kind of a taboo thing and I was honestly surprised to see it.
Desert rose is another product of 90’s one-time OVA’s complimentary to their manga. A very simple plot and quick story, maybe a little too out there for 40 mins, but we get a swimsuit shot at the end so who cares right?
Following the story of C.A.T. , a small unit of women trained in anti-terrorism and led by read more
Jul 1, 2020
Edo never sleeps, but your brain might during this.
Going in blind to the manga I’ll be objective to the OVA only. Exceptionally average, Oedo wa Nemurenai! Offers a historical setting in 1700s yoshiwara. The famous pleasure district. Our main character is quite a young woman and Oiran and is for some reason important you’ll find out. (also pay attention to that cat!!! What happened there)

Production quality is at most times quite poor, out of sync voice acting, many still/panning shots, and very low movement. This is all to be expected for something low budget. For anyone who has not read the source material the read more
Jul 1, 2020
Here we are. The next installment of Aim for the Ace! after a delightful series and movie adaptation. We step into a new and maturing Oka Hiromi now focused entirely on her tennis after graduating and becoming a junior champion with her teammates. Oka has achieved it all, she’s a tennis star, has a great coach, and amazing friends/teammates.
Until she doesn’t.

For fans of the previous installments, the style shift and VA changes might be quite jarring. As we turn away from the softer palette and character designs (a bit more similar to black jacks ‘93 OVA), Fortunately this does not distract too much read more
Jul 1, 2020
Aim for the Ace! is the shortened movie version of the '73 series of the same name. Most notable for its part in the boom of tennis in japan and inspiring Gunbuster, Dezaki creates another sports anime rife with melodrama and sparkling eyes. I highly recommend viewing this movie if you are not interested in the original anime as the production quality leaves a bit to be desired. The movie adaption is truly a masterpiece of 70's anime as we lose the art of manual animation. With rich colors, great framing, varied shots, it truly is eye candy for anyone a fan of 70’s read more
Apr 6, 2020
Hmm. I really needed a second review on this damn movie. Where can you start with the absurdness that is the
Patalliro anime? In a flurry of quick hitting gags and 70s gay (?) drama you realize one thing-If you are not Japanese, you will never be able to pin down half the cultural references. And an interesting relationship with Nazi imagery can ruin the series for some. For sure a movie for the seasoned anime viewer and being familiar with who the characters are, I'd say not seeing the whole TV show won't take away from seeing this uh...48 minute special.

Will you forget the opening read more
Mar 17, 2020
A story of life. A wandering man, the people that intertwine with him, and the strings of fate and time. All come together for a satisfying and truly amazing manga.

Never have I ever been able to just feel the wind from the pages and the warmth of smiles. I literally could not get enough of the composition the way the literal frames seamlessly flow. A standing shadow casted on your lovers crouching frame, the reflection of a pondering man in a pond, tears over the river bridge, rage of death, combing anothers hair. I am amazed.
There is a reason abstract art conveys stronger read more
Jan 25, 2020
I thought I might as well write a review for on of my favorite manga since no one else has.....
Yamaji has easily become one of my most beloved Mangaka, Her very simple clean art work in combination with very real life situations flows naturally. Indigo Blue is no exception. Keeping with the 'Bian' theme of her other works. There is no huge plot or exciting story here. Rutsu, a novelist, meets Tamaki, a magazine editior. Both women have their relationship woes told over a quick 12 chapters.
The very real and easy feeling of lesbianism is pleasant. I am often drawn to short simple stories read more
Nov 9, 2018
The first Manga i ever read was Dorohedoro and i'm grateful that it was. The excitement of waiting for a book to be released and checking them out at my library 4 books at a time, the anxiety of having to return them and not be able to go back and admire the art and worrying that i was reading them too fast. I never want to forget the amazing experience that Dorohedoro was. It introduced me to a new idea of what manga is and what it can be, that the most complicated of stories can still be simple and heart warming even in read more