Jan 21, 2020
Groenboys (All reviews)
You wake up in a broken world. All kinds of pieces from a town are floating around. You lay on the bed and suddenly all your body parts start floating away, but you quickly figure out that you can control those body parts even if they are seperated. You look around the environment. A broken piece of an house is floating nearby. You grab it and pull it towards you. You enter the piece of the house. A little girl lays on the ground with a knive stabbed right into her. She is dead. You know this girl. It is Kaeru-chan. You don't know why you are here, you don't even know how you came here, but you do know your name, Sakaido, and you know it is your job to figure out who killed this girl.

That is the opening scene of ID:Invaded. It is a great beginning and it immediately gets you invested in the world. And does it follow-up well after that opening scene? In my opinion, yes!

ID:Invaded is a detective anime. It has an interesting concept with Sakaido being able to enter the mind of a criminal. He is then tasked to find clues of why Kaeru-chan is killed and how the world works. With this information an outside team can use that information to find the criminal and bring him to justice.

The concept is great with a lot of fun possibilties. But not just the concept is fun, the main character is fun too. He has a very stern personality with some witty line here and there, but his backstory is what makes him so likable, which I am not gonna spoil for now. The other characters are kinda bland at this point but I expect them to get better in the future when they get more screen time.

The animation is pretty good, the story so far is really interesting (even if it episodic due to it being a detective anime handling multiple cases).

The music is also what stands out for me. The OP is okay, but the ED by Miyavi is amazing. The dubstep is so ball to the walls hard I hurt my head on the table from banging my head everytime I listen to it. Miyavi also did the Insert song, Samurai, which is also a really good track.

Overal, I recommend this anime. If you want a psychological detective anime with tons of twists and good directing, watch this anime.