Jan 20, 2020
Ellenwitch (All reviews)
There is a lot to be said about ID:Invaded, for all the right reasons. From it's look within the first episode, to how the story is progressing. It's a must watch for this season for sure, and here is why.

The story and how it's presented. The use of tech/virtual reality to explore a killers mind is quite something. It really details how broken, or just puzzled one's mind can be. Which I really find interesting, as it's done in a unique simulation way, and every case has something different to offer. Which is a major plus.

The main character's story is rather sad and tragic, and really just shows how one can suddenly be driven to the things they do, even if they don't like what they've done. There are other interesting characters to boot, as if each detective has their own personality, and isn't just a 'there' type of character, which is really great to see.

The opening is rather good too, along with the ending. Certainly one of my faves of the season. The music within in the show is fitting to each scene as well. Keeping the tension through out each case.

Overall ID:Invaded is a virtual playground of the mind, used by detectives to solve cases of murder and possible murder. I highly recommended it honestly. A great watch.