Jan 14, 2020
kawaii123456 (All reviews)
"It's like our memories have been erased

Ahh Kotori, were you speaking for the writers there ? Because about halfway through the series they sure forgot they were doing comedy. Such a shame.

Date A Live really starts with a bang, It's poking fun at anime little sisters, slice of life anime, Japanese high schools, Magical Girls, Dating Sims, Mecha Anime, Evangelion in particular and it managed it allin an incredibly funny and self aware way. The first few episodes positively shine, and then it just nose dives. It shift's from slapstick comedy to trying to play it more seriously and it misses the mark. The jokes no longer pack a punch and the more serious elements just don't work with the comedy / parody background.

If you can imagine "A Weekend At Bernie's" deciding to shift into being a muddle of a James Bond film and Love Story, then you have a pretty good handle on what's happening in Date A Live.

It's a shame they just didn't stick to doing what they did well. The animation and artwork were top tier, the voice acting was consistently hitting the mark, and the music was damn near perfect. If they hadn't of tanked the concept this really would have been something.