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Jan 28, 2020
"Listen up, I have decided you should become my slave"
---- Aria

Yeah if that isn't all the warning you need not to watch this show I don't know what more I can say to help you make the decision.

Aria Kanzaki maybe the most ridiculous and ulikable character to ever grace broadcast television, and I include Eichman and Hitler in the running. She is incredibly poorly written horribly inconsistent and downright annoying. Quite literally whenever she opens her mouth she kills the show and seeing as she is the name character and one of the two primary main characters that's a real problem.

Kinchi Toyhama read more
Jan 27, 2020
"Oh you're a tsundere"
--- Mile
"I got isekaied so I could serve food in a maid cafe ?"
--- Mile.

I loved the first 8 episodes of this anime. It was smart, funny, endlessly poking fun at overused anime tropes, a sheer joy to watch. Then it turned stupid serious for some reason. Instead of cute girls, doing cute and silly things in a fantasy world, it turned into a bog serious isekai which aside from being a mood breaker, turned the whole thing into who cares moments. Gags that gave you lines like the above just stopped, and it would have been better if the read more
Jan 27, 2020
"No way they're both insane"
---Ryouta Murakami.

What is it with Japanese media and torturing children ??

One Brynhildr needs a tragedy tag. Right from the very beginning Brynhildr is torturing kids particularly young girls. If this is bothersome to you stay away from this anime. No need to read further.

The story starts with kids falling from a great height, and it just goes on from there. You get an unending parade of kids being drowned, cut in two, kicked in the head, blasted, shreded, melted, dissolved, and having their minds erased. Brynhildr literally lurches from scene to scene of having a character do something read more
Jan 26, 2020
“All these zombies and I was almost killed by an Asian woman driving!”
– Kouta Hirano

For a show that manages to combine so many great elements High School of the Dead gets a lot of hate on the reviews. It's got problems but still manages to be a hell of a lot better than than most of what gets an 8 rating on this site.

What is HOTD (Highscool of the Dead) ? It's a classic action theme. the world is ending in a zombie apocalypse, and you have a bunch of people at a high school trying to survive. It hits the notes read more
Jan 26, 2020
"You don't even care you're just going to lead all three of them along till you break their poor little hearts ?"
--- Itsuki, Episode 2

Bad, Very Bad and Horrible there's your choices for this anime. I went with bad, but it could just have easily been horrible or even pathetic.

Some of my negative reaction to this anime has to be the MC who might as well have been played by a block of wood. He takes clueless harem protagonists to a whole nother level. He is really painful to watch. Mater of fact I think I have developed an allergy to these clueless read more
Jan 25, 2020
"Are you saying being with me is a punishment for you ?"
---Shuuji Isaki.

Well yeah.

I really wish I had of seen this first and then the rest of series not at all. It's not great but it's better. It has a story that works on its own. It's characters have motivations that make sense and are consistent within the very small window of the short. There's some nice complexity to them. Even when the story pulls crap out of it's rear end it's not that bad. That's great and it's really sad because the rest of the series and all the stupidity brought my read more
Jan 25, 2020
"You're my enemy that's why you can't win"

Yeah if that makes any sense to you, maybe this series is for you. To me it was nonsensical Asian philosophy that really wasn't of much interest a plot that went from no place to nowhere, and characters that I really didn't like, whose motivations were insane and self contradictory.

The story is just damn annoying. You don't start getting any of the real plot revealed until about the 3rd episode. You got that. You needed 15 episodes to actually get going with the anime!!! man that's a slow burn

What's worse the second season pretty much read more
Jan 25, 2020
"Death Death Humans die no matter what
No one can defeat death itself"

I agree with this pretty sure I died a couple of times while I was watching Corpse Princess. Comedy aside it just had dead slow pacing of the main arc. I can't even go into spoilers about the way it was so bad, because you just don't get them until the second season.

The first season just gives you an obviously screwed up situation with an enormous number of questions no answers and a whole lot of WTF ? Then it leaves it there. If you like stories that are entirely based on the read more
Jan 24, 2020
"Surgical procedure complete, Liquid Oxygen injected"

Yeah I always like to get myself a liquid oxygen injection to perk me up after surgery.

Imagine you live in a world where

The primeminister of your country is still attending high school.
The best doctor hasn't graduated high school.
The man who controls 30% of the economy is attending high school.
The greatest spy is attending high school
Even though you have modern weapons, battles are decided by a sword wielding high school student.
Finally your worlds greatest inventor is a highschool student, who travels around with her nuclear reactor.

Well if you can swallow that and think wow what read more
Jan 24, 2020
"You're going to be my 1000th"

Yeah that's about as attractive as the rest of the series.

The best way to think of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is to imagine the powerpuff girls doing porn.

First up, it fails as a comedy. I mean it fails really hard. The jokes are all desperately stupid. They are on the level of somebody taking a plate s**t and smacking themselves in the face with it over and over again, and cackling everytime. It's not funny to begin with and it gets old fast.

Next up ? There is no next up. There's no story no character read more