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Mar 5, 2020
I own 5k+ books so I may be a little biased but this is really good anime.

If you are looking for light warm heated fluff and about the importance and family and pursuing a dream, this one is for you.

The characters are unbelievably cute and enjoyable.

Myne the main character is highly relatable, and a welcome change from the usual isekai blockheads. The only cheat she has is the memories of her past life, and it's far more accurate to say she has enough detriments to crush a busload of high schoolers summoned to another world. She isn't perfect, she isn't infallible but ...
Feb 13, 2020
"I am the strongest man in the world"
"You're an idiot wearing a weird belt"

At least Holmes only said Elementary my dear Watson once per story. Adlet saying his catchphrase should be a drinking game except if you tried take a drink every time says you'll kill yourself via alcohol poisoning.

Getting past the MC who likes to shout out his plot armor, this may have been the worst (I mean the absolute worst) locked room mystery ever. You aren't given information from the light novels that's needed to make sense of what happens. Flat out. There is a large prequel to the anime ...
Feb 11, 2020
Ai Yori Aoshi (Anime) add
"I am sorry it looks like I have been causing trouble for you again"

Say what you will about best girls in other anime but Aoi chan is the perfect girl, and thank heaven Karou is no idiot when it comes to realizing it. The elements Ai Yori Aoshi are wonderful.

Anyway lets talk about those really great parts. Ai Yori, is all about wonderful characters. All of them are wonderful, and most are pretty damn believable with the possible exception of Aoi who may well be too perfect. The series even manages to create layer after layer of detail. What are initially anime stereotype characters ...
Feb 10, 2020
Kill Me Baby (Anime) add
"That's not cute"

"I'd have less injuries if I were farther away from you"

If abusive yuri is your thing then kill me baby is for you. If it isn't by the time you are done watching you may want to take a shower.

Kill me baby starts off looking like a cute girls doing cute things slice of life and rapidly degenerates into abuse/punishment comedy. The episodes follow a simple formula Yasuna does something, it can be something nice, it can be something not so nice, it can be something completely unrelated to Sonya, Sonya then beats her up to seriously harming her, lather rinse repeat. ...
Feb 9, 2020
"If you do high kicks while wearing a skirt your opponent may get the wrong idea"

Man another anime that starts well but finishes really badly. So badly I swear the ending had bile coming up in my throat.

Kaze really does start strong. It's a modern world with magic, evil spirits and magic users, pure fantasy candy if you are into the genre. The main character is given the mother of all motivations and had bonus points piled on top of it. He's been exiled from his family in disgrace because he can't do fire magic. It's gangbusters from the start. Unfortunately that first ...
Feb 8, 2020
"I have experience my death over 1200 times
You get used to it after awhile"

I can relate I felt like I was experiencing a little bit of death while watching this. The problem with the second season of Asterisk War was it existed. The first season was MEH at best and having it repeat again for even more doesn't help. This anime really needed to understand the two great rules of show biz. One go out on a high note, two always leave them wanting more. It does neither.

While the presentation is up to the same standards as the first season. Good art and good sound, ...
Feb 8, 2020
Mixed Feelings
"Maybe I'm imagining it"

Maybe I needed drugs to enjoy this. There were some undeniably good points. Very well done art, great backgrounds, very good integration of CG, bit above average characters. Well done music, and above average voice acting. It even has the MC who isn't completely useless guy.

Sadly that's about all the good points. The world is half baked. The writing is very lazy. The MC is horrendously OP but his ability to fight has been sealed. But he can break the seal when he wants for limited periods of time So he might as well have Voltron's blazing sword when he wants ...
Feb 7, 2020
Endro~! (Anime) add
"It'll be a hundred years before a weakling like you has the skill to slay me"
---Demon Lord

First thing this needs to be bumped to an R-15 instead PG-13 it has a LGBT (and pedo) agenda to it which is a real shame because otherwise it would be fantastic down to a G rating. As it stands if you are watching it with your kids you may well be having conversations you'd just rather not have.On the other hand the instances where it does try to interject the current political zeitgeist are useful for explaining to kids how propaganda works and how to protect themselves.

Second it's ...
Feb 7, 2020
Mixed Feelings
"Seen from afar at night any woman looks beautfiful"

Yeah that quote pretty much sums up the philosophy of this series. This is a beach episode though and if you watch it on its own it's not nearly bad as the rest.

What you can like about it ? Fan service. Did I mention it's a beach episode ? So lots of fan service.Pretty good fan service at that, just the same if you are watching anime for that, just go to the hentai, go directly to the hentai.

Aside from that there really wasn't enough time for the characters to be as bad as ...
Feb 7, 2020
"It seems too good to be true"

A series about mythical beings rising from the collective unconscious really did sound too good to be true, and it wasn't good, it was bad.

You get your first warning it's going to be bad when you are introduced the MC, Ichijou, Haruhiko, or otherwise known as useless guy with no spine. This character made me think that the trend of really OP isekai MCs was a reaction to completely unpalatable wimps like him. He is naturally teamed up with useless, abusive, breasts. aka Mai. While useless guy isn't very good at what he does, abusive breasts actually makes ...

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