Jan 14, 2020
zizo33 (All reviews)
Sakasama no Patema is a sci/fi , adventure and romance movie revolving around the lives of two teenagers living in opposite worlds LITERALLY , they both have common characteristics which leads them to each other so that a journey of discovery , action , fantasy and love begins , A WORD OF ADVICE DON'T EAT ANYTHING WHILE WATCHING THIS MOVIE BECAUSE YOU NEED TO CONCENTRATE AND THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE YOU WILL FEEL DIZZY

The movie takes on a story even by sci/fi measures is difficult to make the viewers believe yet it manages to do so and even manages to make it more complicated and adds depth to it that makes it more believable and creative with an interesting plot all this makes the movie's story the strongest element in it despite it not giving some aspects more time like the different worlds for example could have used more introduction than given

The two main characters are to some sorts well written they maybe could have used a little more depth but this is easily not visible as the intriguing story hides this , the supporting characters are simple and you don't really feel you need more of them again because of the story , the villains however here we have a problem of being too linear and classic while there maybe little hints in their characters that there exists more but this is not well explored and a good villain in such a story is essential , and here i feel the need to say that this movie can easily fill a 12 eps anime season where the characters are given more time to progress and to add more depth to them and to show us more of the different worlds of each of the two characters .

the art here ranges from average to good which only means that a good chance to make very good art was missed as the story clearly allows it also the music weren't that memorable but still wasn't bad .

lastly this is without a doubt a hidden gem a very good movie that combines the best aspects of many genres with a good solid story that has beauty , adventuring , romance and struggle this is a definite must watch movie .