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Jan 14, 2020
Sakasama no Patema is a sci/fi , adventure and romance movie revolving around the lives of two teenagers living in opposite worlds LITERALLY , they both have common characteristics which leads them to each other so that a journey of discovery , action , fantasy and love begins , A WORD OF ADVICE DON'T EAT ANYTHING WHILE WATCHING THIS MOVIE BECAUSE YOU NEED TO CONCENTRATE AND THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE YOU WILL FEEL DIZZY

The movie takes on a story even by sci/fi measures is difficult to make the viewers believe yet it manages to do so and even manages to make it more complicated read more
Jan 1, 2020
It's always difficult to write a review of an anime like this one because it plays on your emotions and making it difficult to write something objective so i will say it right away if your wondering whether to watch this or not it's very simple IF YOU ARE HERE FOR THE ROMANCE THEN WATCH IT ,IT'S THERE AND IT'S VERY BEAUTIFUL.

okay now that we got this out of the way , it's not really common to see an anime that is a romance anime and that is also of the sci-fi and fantasy genre and this is because such genres require lots of build read more
Dec 29, 2019
if i was asked to describe this anime in one word i would simply say without much thinking shallow , to try and describe how shallow this anime is would take a lot of time the story is shallow no interesting events happening and full of cliches all side characters lack any kind of depth what so ever 'shallow' some times characters adopt the same cliche and do it IN THE SAME TIME which is weird even the main characters are a bit shallow secondly this anime's events are considered fast when compared to other animes of the same genre yet some how it feels read more
Oct 27, 2019
i am happy i found this anime and read some of the manga season 1 was top quality but season 2 was a lot faster rash is a better word for it compared to season 1 and the manga's pace , so fast that some characters were removed and others were empty and shallow or to be more precise emptied to fit the season's number of episodes i bet even without reading the manga some of you can feel that there are a lot of missing bits which shows how bad and rash these adjustments were i don't know why would they do something read more