Dec 2, 2019
Chillex (All reviews)
Dr. Stone
A amazing idea that was shown not the best way it could. But was it a bad thing?
Everytime we see a new anime it follows the same plot. Bad guy VS good guy , Good guy wins right? But think about it. Both of the characters have a point and arent standing on a shallow idea. The characters might not be too progressive. Atleast not all of them. Take chrome. Over the span of the episodes he slowly but surely learnt the new things he was tought and even managed to invent some new things. Like the water wheel.
I really dont know why people seem to hate it so much. I found it much more diffrent then other anime. Take 7 Seeds as a example. We can all say it atleast did a better job then that anime. 7 Seeds doesnt really explain much Nor does it give much of a struggle to survive for the people. They get food and water and everything. Here the world is reset back to zero. And here you have a Senku. One of the smartest people in the world who awakens. The things he makes are everyday items we use in there primitive form. Like phones or battaries or anything else. Whats not fun about that? I didnt have a clue on how any of the items like those were made. And its not like I would be able to repeat it. But its so entertaining to watch a civilazation rise from zero to 100 in no time.
Ill backtrack to the idea of them being diffrent then the 7 Seeds characters.
They dont get giant vaults with all the food and items they need to survive. They need to make every sword every bottle Everything by hand. Even if it doesnt say that a lot of time passes we can see and understand that them making a furnace took a day or two. You can sense the time progression in the anime.
Talking about Comedy in the anime. I will agree its on the Loud=Funny idea.
But for me its entertaining. I am not going to die laughting of a characters reaction to a light bulb lighting up but It will entertain me. So comedy isnt that great but it could be much worse.
Again everybody has there own taste and there own idea of a perfect story and perfect anime. For me Dr Stone become a top 10 in my favorite animes list. Its entertaining to watch. Its fun to watch and I have learnt much more about science through this anime then through chemistry class weirdly enough.Well I guess no matter the dish , It matters how you serve it Right?
My reviews are all over the place and without a proper structure most of the time. But I think simply speaking your mind out and your heart is more important in a review. But hey dont judge the anime just by reviews Watch it and then see if its your type or not!