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Dec 2, 2019
Dr. Stone
A amazing idea that was shown not the best way it could. But was it a bad thing?
Everytime we see a new anime it follows the same plot. Bad guy VS good guy , Good guy wins right? But think about it. Both of the characters have a point and arent standing on a shallow idea. The characters might not be too progressive. Atleast not all of them. Take chrome. Over the span of the episodes he slowly but surely learnt the new things he was tought and even managed to invent some new things. Like the water wheel.
I really dont know why read more
Nov 30, 2019

Im going to get straight to the point and point out some mistakes or just unlogical things I noticed in this season so far.
1: The battlefield likes to change its size alot
The Ravine likes to change its size. Sometimes it becomes much wider sometimes less wider. Somestimes longer sometimes shorter. Its so weird to me.
2: Alice crazy ass power move
At the end of episode 7 she used a giant laser beam killing tons of enemy troops. (So many dead cute sorcerer / magician girls). But she kinda goes through the entire ravine with the laser. My question is....How long was the read more
Oct 21, 2019
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As everybody should. Spoilers ahead. didnt watch the anime Turn away! You have been warned!

This is a rpime example of how a AMAZING IDEA gets simply wasted. Atleast while I was watching I got lost a bit. As the show likes to jump in time a lot but it doesnt say it jumped so your like SO why is the Auttum village gone? OH because its been months since then AHH I see and its this shit each and every episode. The characters...Well They could be better. There actions are sometimes are pretty stupid. Sadly I had to watch it in full english so the read more
Oct 19, 2019
Some spoilers might be present. You have been warned

Qiuckly just want to say that I have watched all of the seassons of SAO and all the movies. And I enjoyed myself alot watching them.

1. Ive seen people complaining about how Kirito/ Kirigaya Kazuto is just too OP of a character. I understand that 100% he is overpowered as hell. But I myself really do enjoy really powerful characters. My most favorite scenes are where somebody doubts Kirito in his powers and then Kirito does something so powerful that everybody is standing there with shock and terror in there faces.

2. The show itself and how read more