Nov 30, 2019
JustARandomUser (All reviews)
This is a top hentai simply because it appeals to the average male fantasy in an easy-going wholesome way.

With its simple yet effective plot it's exactly what you'd want out of a hentai. With lots of varying ~scenes~ from shower to cosplay to baking it can appeal to the average person’s more simple fantasies. Why does hentai have to have an elaborate plot with sinister undertones or cliff-hangers when you can have a nice simple hentai. And that my friend is Dokidoki Little Ooyasan.

Characters are your simple (big) male and the female is a little-lady (not to be confused with a loli). Our heroine is an out-going, un-shy and cheerful landlady in charge of the main-characters apartment. There's really not much more to say, and this is what makes this hentai great.

I avoid discussing gripes... but! the one thing holding it back is some of the directing. Primarily near climax the camera would sometimes switch to the male characters face which is a little immersion breaking. Also, the male can sometimes be a little to vocal during ~scenes~ which can get irritating. I would call that nit-picking, but even if it bothers you; it’s definitely worth watching.