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Nov 30, 2019
This is a top hentai simply because it appeals to the average male fantasy in an easy-going wholesome way.

With its simple yet effective plot it's exactly what you'd want out of a hentai. With lots of varying ~scenes~ from shower to cosplay to baking it can appeal to the average person’s more simple fantasies. Why does hentai have to have an elaborate plot with sinister undertones or cliff-hangers when you can have a nice simple hentai. And that my friend is Dokidoki Little Ooyasan.

Characters are your simple (big) male and the female is a little-lady (not to be confused with a loli). Our heroine is read more
Nov 17, 2019
This is one of the greatest hentai I have ever seen, and you should see it to.
In all aspects it's the ~perfect~ hentai, everything you could wish for is in this episode.

Do you ever fall in love with a hentai heroine and wish you could see more of that character? TV-anime has a great opportunity to do just this because of its large budget and episode length/count. This allows TV-anime to include time for fan servicing, something (personally) you can return to and watch, which allows viewers to ~reconnect~ with their loved characters. This may include Love confessions, story-climaxes, slice-of-life scenes such as the beach read more