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Jan 14, 2021
A great example of a good hentai format.

The story is as short+simple as it needs to be but long enough for a story.
Art is great, but not as alive as some of Mary Jane's stuff. The character designs were portrait well like you would expect from an anime.
I felt like there was some great voice acting, character voices REALLY fitted the character and their personalities excellently, a really good job on this part.
The catchy ending music for each episode is very welcomed, It can ruin the mood if it ends on sad piano music even though the ending was happy (looking at you Enjo Kouhai).
The read more
Nov 30, 2019
This is a top hentai simply because it appeals to the average male fantasy in an easy-going wholesome way.

With its simple yet effective plot it's exactly what you'd want out of a hentai. With lots of varying ~scenes~ from shower to cosplay to baking it can appeal to the average person’s more simple fantasies. Why does hentai have to have an elaborate plot with sinister undertones or cliff-hangers when you can have a nice simple hentai. And that my friend is Dokidoki Little Ooyasan.

Characters are your simple (big) male and the female is a little-lady (not to be confused with a loli). Our heroine is read more
Nov 17, 2019
This is one of the greatest hentai I have ever seen, and you should see it to.
In all aspects it's the ~perfect~ hentai, everything you could wish for is in this episode.

Do you ever fall in love with a hentai heroine and wish you could see more of that character? TV-anime has a great opportunity to do just this because of its large budget and episode length/count. This allows TV-anime to include time for fan servicing, something (personally) you can return to and watch, which allows viewers to ~reconnect~ with their loved characters. This may include Love confessions, story-climaxes, slice-of-life scenes such as the beach read more