Nov 9, 2019
FerParaguay90 (All reviews)
After the very good first season of Code Geass my expectations for the second were quite high, since the story was going well the protagonist was incredible and even though he had mistakes they were nothing to complain too much. Tremendous disappointment take me. Really this is considered the best anime endings ?, when it has many errors, horrible characters, and a completely horrible story ruining the potential of what was seen in the first. The Deus Ex Macchina of this anime is simply horrible, a lot of nonsense in order to benefit both the plot and the plot. The development of certain characters was so bad that they did not even have identity or depth, nor did they know the side they were on since they simply put them out of nowhere with the side of the prota. They never killed anyone, they didn't take any damn risk, we saw at least 5 characters who should have died that by magic revive them, including the leuloch himself who obviously couldn't kill him and give him the absolute power of the geass to make him immortal end of the anime (or at least they give you the end and that is what I understood). It bothers me that they gave so much prominence to a character so horribly worked as susaku to "kill" leuloch and be like the hero, even though no one knew he was the person behind zero. Summarizing:
1-Horrible story.
2-Very badly worked characters) with the exception of leuloch and a few others).
3-Deus ex macchina horrible and meaningless.
4-Complete indesicion on the part of the story about certain actions, which simply laughed.
5-The end, yes, the much acclaimed end by many, considered one of the best of the anime, simply with all the best mentioned does not save it. I think the simple fact that this ending is so acclaimed is because they give you that "fair" taste in many quotes. But the simple fact of not giving a good development to the characters that give a lot of importance in the end leaves him decent by pulling bad.
The plot of the film released this year simply confirmed more my theories that they have no idea how to make a meaningful story, not killing leuloch at once to simply continue the story, you already have the idea they have to bring Turn a popular anime to make money, as many companies are doing the same.