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Nov 9, 2019
After the very good first season of Code Geass my expectations for the second were quite high, since the story was going well the protagonist was incredible and even though he had mistakes they were nothing to complain too much. Tremendous disappointment take me. Really this is considered the best anime endings ?, when it has many errors, horrible characters, and a completely horrible story ruining the potential of what was seen in the first. The Deus Ex Macchina of this anime is simply horrible, a lot of nonsense in order to benefit both the plot and the plot. The development of certain characters was read more
Oct 26, 2019
This is definitely the worst anime I've seen. I just can't say anything good about this anime, maybe its animation is decent, but then absolutely nothing.
1- The story is extremely boring, meaningless, without depth, it's like all the anime is literally what your name says "kill goblins" by the protagonist. There is nowhere to grab him, just the idea of ​​anime itself is ridiculous.
2 - They tried to give the anime a dense touch with the gore and seinen scenes, but it just makes things worse since it is super forced.
3- Without a doubt this anime is the worst thing I've seen read more
Oct 16, 2019
Yakuzoku no neverland was undoubtedly the most talked about anime of the year, and best valued. Its popularity was so high that it caught my attention, and the more I read the synopsis, it was when I said "wow, this has potential". The result, a complete disappointment. I do not say that it is a bad anime, because it really is not, it has an interesting story and a very good character development, the problem was the crap when trying to create an environment of forced terror, so forced that it took away the tension to the scenes .
Not to mention the also forced read more
Oct 12, 2019
Hunter X Hunter, I honestly did not imagine an anime that was more perfect in every way than Full metal alchemist brotherhood to the point I said: it is impossible to see a better shounen.
Until I saw Hunter X Hunter, I was able to risk saying this since it is still not a finished work, since the manga continues, but, Hunter x Hunter IS THE BEST SHOUNEN NEVER CREATED, period. For more than the anime ends with a horrible ending would still be the best shounens ever created. YOSHIRO TOGASHI, You are a fucking genius, I will go to the points I want to read more
Oct 9, 2019
Black fox, a movie that looked quite promising with a good story, whose synopsis interests me a lot. Well, until I saw the movie and ne has tremendous disappointment. The idea itself of the movie is not bad, the story that tells us inclusive would say that it is decent pulling good, the problem was the way too slow in which they tell us, giving much importance in things that should not. The basis of the movie itself seemed to me to be generic, "the prota that seeks revenge of the person who killed his family", which I do not say is bad, but at read more
Oct 7, 2019
It is my first review in MAL but I could not stand such a mockery, because I can simply call the arifureta anime, "a mockery", an offense for the original work. Where do I begin:
1- The story is told horribly in addition to jumping important things from the story do not even let us emphasize with the protagonist, does not show the true suffering that made hajime happen before being invoked, the betrayal of hijama to hajime show us a so if you do not read at least the manga you do not see any sense anywhere because they do read more