Oct 10, 2019
DoomRanger (All reviews)
From the author of Sword Art Online, comes another Isekai anime that takes place in the form of yet another VRMMO concept.

Accel World has its multitude of shortcomings as expected so I’m going to go ahead with a pros and cons format approach to writing this review.

Great character designs (at least for the character’s in-game avatars)

Fanciable female characters (I have to admit, all of the female protagonists are pretty hot and cute, including most of the supporting characters too)

Decent development at the beginning but goes to utter garbage nearing the end

Good animation, it’s not in any means great let alone perfect but some scenes are well done while some aren’t living up to expectations


Features some amount of fan service

Very nice concept featuring a great futuristic setting with fancy plot devices

Crappy development
Absolutely terrible character development on the MC and I dare say for some of the other protagonist

Poorly designed MC, it’s so bad to the point it’s downright degrading. The difference in character design between any other character and the MC is just offensive.

Some episodes can feel dreadfully repetitive and boring

The MC starts out very pitiful but eventually becomes an eyesore and downright disgusting dwelling in the depths of self pity without any resolve to strengthen self worth

Very similar to SAO

And there you have it. My thoughts. Is the anime worth watching?

Well, frankly I’m not one to say because I know there are many people out there that actually think SAO is a masterpiece.

Personal thoughts? No. Don’t watch this anime unless you really want to experience something that comes close to garbage. The only redeeming qualities of the anime is the art and the sound. That is it.

On another note, Kuroyokihime is extremely alluring, no doubt about it.
I love her character design and her avatar design both.

Holding true to being "the most beautiful girl in school," Kuroyukihime is a very attractive and slender young girl with long black hair that has two strands of hair extended from the top of her brow, resembling the antenna of a butterfly and large hazel eyes

Her avatar goes very well with her black hair and the strands sticking out. She has beautiful butterfly wings and portrays a cute gothic look for her avatar.

Even if you don’t like the anime, Kuroyoukihime should be the only main character you like throughout the entire anime