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Accel World

Alternative Titles

English: Accel World
Synonyms: Accelerated World
Japanese: アクセル・ワールド


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 7, 2012 to Sep 22, 2012
Premiered: Spring 2012
Broadcast: Saturdays at 00:30 (JST)
Licensors: Viz Media
Studios: Sunrise
Source: Light novel
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.531 (scored by 234,447 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #15442
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #103
Members: 430,314
Favorites: 3,667


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Apr 3, 2012
5camp (All reviews)
Hey you! Yeah you, the humongous loser. Are you a humongous loser? Are you convinced your lack of physical attractiveness is the sole factor preventing you from attracting members of the opposite sex? Is your only skill in life that you're really good at a computer game? Well now there's an anime just for you!

Our male lead is a chubby little kid who gets bullied by spikey haired shounen protagonists. He spends the vast majority of the episode whining about his condition, wishing he could just disappear into this video game world. We're clearly supposed to feel sorry for him, so forgive me if that read more
Sep 22, 2012
Infinite (All reviews)
Accel World certainly has good quality visuals, dynamic battles and an interesting setting, however past that I cannot think of anything that the show does well. You may disagree with this and my scoring, but please, allow me to justify myself because I intend to do so in full.

Let's cover a good point first though, the art and animation. The art is very consistent, and it does a great job of displaying the interactive world in its diverse and grand state. The animation for the battles is well done, I certainly didn't have any complaints, there is plenty of movement and excitement, and the read more
Apr 21, 2012
golila-3 (All reviews)
So... the chubby main character is bullied in school and was soon introduced to a new world(video game) and will aim to become the best! How exciting?
Although we could summarize this anime this way, but its like saying Code Geass is about a high school kid trying to kill his dad after he got superpowers. There's simply more to it.

The first thing about this anime that really appealed to me was the atmospheric building. Eyes were everywhere, no matter where the main character went, somebody is around him. Since Haruyuki is quite a loser himself, he really hated to be around people, although most read more
Nov 7, 2014
shawnofthedeadz (All reviews)
Accel World: The show where the only ridiculously fat-short boy ever(!) finds himself in a harem filled with your typical cliches, fan service and plot. Clearly, this show can't be worth watching... Yet, despite all these and its other horrendous flaws, it is.

Unlike other shows without redeeming qualities, Accel World does do some things right.

For one, it's hard not to get absorbed in its well imagined and detailed world. From the basic yet intriguing neuro linkers to the augmented reality they can bring forth, there is a ton of cool ideas in Accel World. Whether you enjoy the romantic idea of directly linking to your read more
Apr 10, 2013
MykeJinX89 (All reviews)
From the uncreative mind that dumped Sword Art Online into your face comes his other famous light novel series, Accel World. I really don't see how people actually think Reki Kawahara's works are good. They're not. They're merely otaku-pandering wish fulfillment that's all style and no real effort put into them. Although Accel World is better than Sword Art Online, only by a little.

This 24-episode adaptation by Sunrise is set in the year 2046, where people have wireless access to the internet using NeuroLink, which is basically a computer built into your body. The story follows a junior high school student named Haruyuki Arita, who read more
Sep 21, 2012
Stark700 (All reviews)
I'm not going to play the game of “is this a good series??” here folks. Accel World is one of those series that will invoke nerdgasm towards those who have a strange taste of the cyber world. This piece of work that Sunrise is presenting here can be described as a wildly entertaining phenomenon that blurs between the lines of fiction and reality.

Accel World (sometimes also known as the Accelerated World) is an anime adapted series written by Reki Kawahara. The author is also involved with the immensely popular ongoing series, Sword Art Online. Both series focuses on futuristic technology beyond our times that involves read more
May 8, 2012
deadeaddead (All reviews)
So I heard you hate life. Here's a video game that you can play IN real life! Now do you like life more? Even though you can only stay in the game for 1200 seconds which only amounts to about a second in the real world. Don't worry. McDonalds will be served.

Putting an obese protagonist in a show isn't done much. And I didn't expect shounen shows to have a fat ass, who hates his life, as a main character. Don't get me wrong though, I don't mind how the main character usually looks, but if the personality is this annoying, I'd rather have someone read more
May 26, 2012
AHT (All reviews)
Although Accel World is technically outstanding, and the plot devices and story attracted my interest, I couldn't help but find the execution lacking.

The main character, Haruyuki Arita is like many other shonen protaginists - persistent, strong-willed, and willing to protect the things he cares about. However, that is only a small part of his personality. He is also, bluntly put, a big loser; this is due in large part to him being short, fat, unattractive, and constantly bullied. He even has attractive friends that he constantly compares himself to in order to make himself feel bad. He's pathetic enough to make you cringe at times. read more
Mar 14, 2014
ChargedCoin (All reviews)
Accel World was one anime that I honestly did not have many expectations for. The main reason being: before watching the show, I have constantly been hearing about how bad the main character looks, and that his personality is horrible. As such, when I was watching the anime, I made it a point to ignore these comments, and to go in with an open mind, then judge the anime from there. Honestly, I was really surprised by just how good it turned out to be.

Story (9/10)

A short summary of Accel World is that this is set in the future, where humans have a device known read more
May 8, 2012
Scruff (All reviews)
Accel World. Wow.

Let me be honest here. I went into this Anime expecting it to be just the usual Shounen, Sci-Fi, Action, Garbage that's marketed toward teenage boys these days. And in a sense; it is. But it does so perfectly.

In the sense of Story (so far that is) Accel World takes a basic plot premise and massively expands on it. I see no holes, I see no deus ex machina, I see no excuse for the writers to shove in an extra battle or character death or fanservice shot. Everything looks planned out, everything looks structured; it looks like Accel world is heading read more
Apr 3, 2012
AnimeFan500 (All reviews)
From my first time watching this anime, I thought this was for a moment .hack. I could say it is similar but different.

Accel World follows Arita, Haruyuki, a short fat boy who attends a prestigious school. But his entire life he is bullied and so he despises his life(reality). He wished the world to be like a video game( Accel World). Accel World is some sort of MMO where your avatar can interact others and play all sort of mini games. Fate changes Haruyuki life as he meets the most popular girl in his school - Kuroyukihime who saves him from his read more
Apr 13, 2012
frozenspades (All reviews)
Please keep in mind that I have been viewing only two episodes upon writing this review. As this is still my second written review, I will chose the simplest words and try to keep it short.

Accel World, or Accelerated World. It's an imaginary world of accelerated thought process. In this imaginary world, the time moves 1/1000 faster than the real world. In other word, one second in the real world is 16 minutes 40 seconds in Accelerated World. Cool, huh?

It has a great and modern concept, and aside from Accelerated World which is only accessible for some 'chosen' persons, every area has a Global Link read more
Jul 3, 2014
Kkekev (All reviews)
I'm not hatin, I'm just trying to say that this was not good.

We watch anime for enjoyment, however, there wasn't much to enjoy about this anime. Rather, there are more things that irked me than things I liked.

Like SAO, the series started off opening a gate of opportunities. A secret world exists where points you earn can be used in real life. But what the heck, let's just turn this to a harem anime instead.

Where da hell did they come from?

The one thing that really ticked me off was the main character, the fat guy. I see that they're trying to pull off a unique read more
Dec 11, 2015
Ryothatic (All reviews)
I've seen good shows. I've seen bad shows. Never have I ever wanted to stop watching a show before until I watched this. I get it, people like this show. Heck, I even liked SAO. But this show is something else. I haven't seen the whole show, so I don't think it's entirely fair to give critique it at the moment, however I just need to get this off of my chest.

Firstly, let's discuss the characters. Haru, our main protagoinst, is meant to be someone we identify with and empathize. His entire design is based around garnering sympathy from the audience. He's even introduced read more
Aug 29, 2012
Der_Blaue_Wolf (All reviews)
Okay, this show is one of my greatest personal enigmas. I know that in lots of ways, it's awful. It's clichéd, it's overdone, it feels like every other battle anime/manga out there.

But for some reason I can't stop watching it.

Okay, it's not as bad as all that, at least it's a little original, and the superpowers are actually all within a computer game, and it does actually matter in real life for once, which is one of the greatest failings of this type of show. It manages to make itself at least credible, if we make allowances for virtually impossible feats of sci-fi. But that read more
Mar 7, 2016
Heldengeist (All reviews)
Okay, this is an anime I couldn't bear to watch more than 5 episodes. I could suffer it through, but there are so much better stuff so why waste my time? Hey, but this means there won't be any major spoilers! Let's cut to the point.

So, we have a not generic looking light novel guy. Small, fat, not a typical handsome one. This could be a pro, this could've meant this broke out of the teen light novel cliché, BUT! The protagonist we have is a pathetic piece of garbage. Most other characters ignores or bullies him. He has no dignity, self respect, confidence. Even read more
Jul 12, 2013
CapnSwing (All reviews)
I have never been a huge fan of Virtual reality games.. Really, the concept of "levelling up" or just numbers on a server never appealed to me. This concept is oddly baffling since thousands and even millions of people spend every second of their life stuck to their computer screens and never adding anything to their personality or Real life. VR are currently limited to MMORG which has potential to grow into a world to rival the real world raising psychological and societal concerns. Though I steered clear of VR anime until now, but after watching accel world I realised something important, What read more
Sep 23, 2012
Nasty001 (All reviews)
Ok, so the 24 episode anime has ended, so how do I find it? Well, I say that the anime's genre, sci-fi, school, action, romance and cyberpunk are all well balanced of the make of this anime. However more emphasis is on the sci-fi, action and cyberpunk genre, since everything revolves around it, the romance and school were merely additives for the anime's entertainment. I can't say that I totally enjoy this anime, but I also can't say that I find this anime boring, co'z to me it is something interesting but not in a level where I would like it totally, so how do read more
Sep 21, 2014
Deprivation (All reviews)
I had the pleasure of wasting my time on such a crap anime; Yipee!! So let me tell you why you should definitely waste your time watching this anime!

The setting takes place in the future, 2046 where nothing is different from our current time except that there's a real life virtual game called Accel World, which slows down the speed in real life and the person's brain goes into an sped up imagination world. What's the point of the game? Level up and become the strongest.. I think. I honestly have no idea. Anyways, in this game it's sort of like Sword Art Online read more
Dec 30, 2012
Adragon28 (All reviews)
Accel world seems to be the kind of anime that you either love or hate.I essentially don't think there are too many things about it that you can hate.

Let's start with the story:
This is a quite simple topic , a chubby boy who always gets bullied suddenly gets approached by one of the most popular girls in school.She sends him a game called burst linker , and that's where the story begins to shine with Haru trying his best to become stronger.

Well , this is where some people might have problem cause the main character , Haru , is a chubby read more