Oct 10, 2019
Volvagia (All reviews)
To say that season 2 of One Punch Man (OPM) season 2 is a step down from the first is only partially true. The animation quality may have decreased, but that was bound to happen as from what I have heard of the first season was that it a passion project. Story-wise One's wit and humor still shines, so overall, it is still an enjoyable show. That said, I did not enjoy it as much as One's other work, Mob Psycho.

This season, in particular, is focused around the new antagonists Garo and the Monster Association. A big part of the season is concentrated on Garo. Almost to the point where he is the one pulling the storyline along. Of course, Saitama is still doing stuff for the second half of the season. He is going through a tournament to check out this martial arts stuff. Later on, the monster association comes into play, but Season 2 only scratches the surface of their machinations. That said, OPM focuses more on the side characters as usual, as Saitama's unrivaled strength breaks any tension from a fight.

Animation, as I said earlier, is a significant downgrade from the first season. That said, it is palatable as it is about industry standard now. That said, I don't discount the gripes people have with it as it is a jarring shift from the first season. That and Boy howdy did they butcher poor Genos — Sound-Wise, nothing remarkable.

OPM season 2 was fine. The humor and story were enough to keep it afloat but not enough for me to love it.