Sep 10, 2019
fernofry (All reviews)
This show focuses on the stresses of Japanese work culture and the mental health problems associated with that. The MC can be very relatable in that context although a little spineless when it comes to standing up for himself at work. Enter Senko, a fox demigod who owes his family a debt and wants to take care of him unconditionally. Although we also see the introduction of a few extra side characters, the story pretty much starts and ends there.

If you're looking for a nice peaceful show to watch where there is little conflict then this is for you. However, the nice art, music and characters are ultimately let down for me by a lack of progression. The characters, including their relationships don't really develop much and I feel that this is the downfall of the show.

I don't regret putting time into watching this and seeing where it goes, but if they do a second season then they need to add a little more drama or at least some character development for the MCs.