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Sep 10, 2019
This show focuses on the stresses of Japanese work culture and the mental health problems associated with that. The MC can be very relatable in that context although a little spineless when it comes to standing up for himself at work. Enter Senko, a fox demigod who owes his family a debt and wants to take care of him unconditionally. Although we also see the introduction of a few extra side characters, the story pretty much starts and ends there.

If you're looking for a nice peaceful show to watch where there is little conflict then this is for you. However, the nice art, music and read more
Aug 2, 2017
A perfectly watchable "other world" anime with good character design and all the usual tropes. However, the main character is given godlike abilities right out of the gate so why even bother with the smartphone nonsense? They should have picked one or the other.

Because of the main characters overwhelming ability to do practically anything, there isn't much drama or tension in each episode so far. Even with his female companions, there is no chemistry since he his perfectly nice all of the time.

You will have to be a real fan of the genre to stick this one out, if not then there are much better read more