Sep 10, 2019
AnimeBW (All reviews)
Essentially, this OVA is just an extended character hang-out session set between the second and third arcs, giving us an hour’s worth of time with the Roswaal Manor crew just hanging around the mansion against the backdrop of magic shenanigannery from Puck. As a result, it lacks the underlying darkness, grit and catharsis that defines Re:Zero at its best, the moments that propelled it into a genuine masterpiece, the sense of constant purpose and meaning that made the first season feel like such a complete package. But man, with characters this great, I’ll always appreciate being able to spend more time with them, and I had a goddamn blast reconnecting with them all. Seriously, it’s become stunningly apparent in the time since I finished Re:Zero just how goddamn good an ensemble cast it features. Everyone plays off each other beautifully, everyone’s camaraderie is an utter delight, and it’s just so freaking endearing to see them relax again after all the trauma and hardship of the show proper. Plus, Drunk Rem. It doesn’t get much better than that, folks.