Sep 10, 2019
MLPFan053 (All reviews)
A story about a group of kids from summer camp whom were transported into an alternate world called the Digital World and befriending a select group of monsters there as their partners called Digital Monsters or Digimon, for short, the anime chronicles their adventures in saving both the Digital World and the Real World from various forces of evil and darkness which they defeat by going through all sort of trials and tribulations, they gain the potential to digivolve their partners to stronger and more powerful forms in order to defeat their evil enemies.

The team consists of eight kids and their Digimon Partners.

- Tai Kamiya/Taichi Yagami and his partner, Agumon. (The courageous and hot-blooded leader.)
- Matt Ishida/Yamato Ishida and his partner, Gabumon. (The cool lone wolf member of the team.)
- Sora Takenouchi and her partner, Biyomon. (The tomboyish and loving member of the team.)
- Izzy Izumi/Koushiro Izumi and his partner, Tentomon. (The technological computer expert of the team.)
- Mimi Tachikawa and her partner, Palmon. (The girly girl of the team.)
- Joe Kido and his partner, Gomamon. (The oldest and most responsible member of the team.)
- T.K. Takaishi/Takeru Takaishi and his partner, Patamon. (The youngest and most childish member of the team.)
- And finally, Kari Kamiya/Hikari Yagami and her partner, Gatomon. (The youngest and most compassionate member of the team as well as being a late addition to the group.)

The success and popularity of the anime as well as it's longevity makes the series being regarded as one of the best animes of all time.