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Dec 12, 2019
Compared to the 1969 and 1988 versions of the anime, THIS particular remake is LESS of an improvement than those two.

Made primarily using early digital animation, THIS remake series is NOT a very good one. The production quality has not aged well with time. At least, when you compared the art style to that of the 1960s version of it.

I watched a few RAW versions of episodes that i could find online and i gotta say that i had found it okay. At least, by the standards of animes that aired around the late 1990s.

But Japanese audiences seemed to have harsher opinions of THIS series read more
Dec 12, 2019
This version shows that the creators who had watched the ORIGINAL 1969 series really wanted to IMPROVE the series and it SHOWS.

The time and effort in making the series MORE POPULAR than before is demonstrated in THIS particular 1988 version.

The series has BETTER animation, MORE expressive characters and designs that present MORE opportunities for merchandising and product placement.

Plus, the leading lady really DID a good job in making this remake series' opening song and ending song as well as portraying the main protagonist herself.

Overall, a GOOD remake series that not only retains the spirit of the ORIGINAL anime series but also stepped up in making read more
Dec 12, 2019
As a magical girl anime enthusiast, i wanted to check out the anime that served as the pioneer for the FIRST REAL magical girl transformation.

I had only watched one episode of it which is the VERY FIRST episode that has been fansubbed into English. I've gotta say that although the VERY FIRST transformation sequence in magical girl history is VERY underwhelming, i give it a pass because it was made in the 1960s so the creators had little opportunity to make it MORE alluring.

It is still kind of entertaining to watch even if it's just one episode especially when you compare it to the magical read more
Sep 10, 2019
Oh man. How do i even begin in expressing my thoughts regarding this story ? As in like, regarding ALL of it ?

This manga story was picturing itself as the NEXT Puella Magi Madoka Magica but in reality, this manga is the magical girl equivalent of that Nutcracker movie. You know, the one where the rats are Nazis aka Nutcracker The Untold Story/3D.

There are many problems with the story.

1) I know humans are supposed to be evil as not each or every one of us is a perfect saint but is mankind really supposed to be THIS evil ??????

Most of the antagonists or in layman read more
Sep 10, 2019
A story about a group of kids from summer camp whom were transported into an alternate world called the Digital World and befriending a select group of monsters there as their partners called Digital Monsters or Digimon, for short, the anime chronicles their adventures in saving both the Digital World and the Real World from various forces of evil and darkness which they defeat by going through all sort of trials and tribulations, they gain the potential to digivolve their partners to stronger and more powerful forms in order to defeat their evil enemies.

The team consists of eight kids and their Digimon Partners.

- Tai read more