Oct 28, 2010
Nipsirc (All reviews)
Reading through the reviews on here I'm left wondering if i downloaded the wrong show, i went into this show with high levels of optimism, low popularity, but highly rated, definitely a potential gem.

I liked 'Similar shows' such as Gungrave and Black Lagoon, and this show is not on the same level as those shows.

The premise is solid, and potentially very interesting, people being emotionally scrubbed and programmed as assassins, and the relationships that develop under these circumstances, almost certainly going to be dark and tragic, should be great.

The art and sound are both solid, i liked the character models, they were well realised and the sound seemed to better convey emotion than the actual content of the show at times.

Character and enjoyment are what destroyed this show for me, i stuck this show out for 13 episodes, before i finally decided it was not going to turn the corner.

The characters as mentioned before are emotionally scrubbed, and now while this often works well when done with a single cast member, basing a show on the developing relationship between two emotionally scrubbed characters is a long tedious and drawn out process.

Long Tedious and drawn out really does go a long way to summarising my feelings towards the whole show, there are constant glimpses of potential as the protagonist slowly descends further into the murky criminal underworld, but it all seemed ultimately hollow and predictable.

The 10 or so episodes prior to the time skip would have seemed more appropriate in a 15 minute flash back in some sort of back story episode, not the content for the first half of a series.

In conclusion this show has low popularity for a reason, it's a niche show, and that niche seems to involve rock solid patients and very low expectations. If your not into and loving this show after the early episodes, drop it, because that's as good as it's going to get, it doesn't turn the corner and will continue as more of the same.