Aug 20, 2019
mrfried (All reviews)
So this is good, it's not amazing, it's not bad, it's just straight down the middle, good.
It has similarities to Overlord and That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime, but people seem to be a bit more negative on this one as opposed to those two.
We have the standard Isekai setup with the same twist as the other two that the MC has become OP due to 'reasons'

I think some people may take issues with his harem, but at least it is mostly 'earned' (bought)
But yes, he suffers from MC syndrome of being bland, the mild mannered nice guy that is bland as bland can be as that is his only defining personality characteristics and he has no real personality beyond that.

This is entertaining enough, there are better out there, and there is definitely worse, and unlike SAO, where Jesus-Kun was OP for no good reason and had all the girls throwing themselves at him even though he was obnoxious, at least here it makes sense for the MC to be OP.