Aug 19, 2019
RyanSpring (All reviews)
Being a huge Slice of Life fan and a sucker for romantic plots, on paper this show should have been right up my alley but upon actually watching it it just wasn't. I do not understand the 9 and 10 reviews I've seen so many of here. I see many, many flaws in this show.

The first half of it was unbelievably slow and boring and it was hard to stay focused and awake. It doesn't get remotely interesting until episode 8 or so and even then it's merely passable, not anything special. There is zero combat, zero mystery/thriller elements, zero suspense. The plot as a whole is extremely linear.

The character development and base premise are shallow and generic- just your standard Slice of Life fare that you've seen many times elsewhere.

There are ridiculously cheesy and non-believable conveniences such as a character showing up at EXACTLY the right time at the end of a phone conversation after "searching every pay phone in the city" or another character recovering many thrown away pieces of a journal that would be literally impossible to retrieve, such as pieces underwater or hanging out in completely inaccessible locations such as on the side of a very tall building.

The music and voice acting were both fine but neither were standouts.

This anime opts for constant camera cuts and shots from different angles. Whether this is good or bad is a personal preference thing I guess but I felt it was way overdone, sometimes to the point where it felt like the anime was trying to give me a seizure.

Overall this felt like a very mediocre, forgettable Slice of Life to me and not something I'd particular recommend or care to watch again. At the end of the day, this show is simply boring.