Aug 13, 2019
Maybe this contains spoilers.

begins with the story, at the time of the second world war occurred, scientists were doing research but a large study and even then had to end in failure. As a result, the incident made the world split into two. As a result of the division of the world, the earth also has the same inhabitants. The point is that even if the world becomes two, it has no effect on humans. It means we have two pairs of ourselves / twins. By having two bodies in common, they have defied the laws of nature. There is a rule, if one of us is killed then both must die. The incident caused several people in Japan to die suddenly. This is where the story starts.

The story focuses on two teenagers namely Kotori and Shin. They live a normal life like teenagers in general. but their daily life changes when a person who looks like Shin comes and declares that he will kill Kotori. I think the story is not very interesting but there are parts where the scenes that I like such as conflict and climax of a story that is very fitting in my opinion.

If you ask whether this is similar or parallel to the Kimi no Na wa graphic design? of course I will answer "this will not lose". According to various people, anime with CG graphics is a bad anime even though the assumption is wrong. Although the animation seems stiff but there are times when nothing is perfect in this world. I will mention some weaknesses and strengths in my opinion. If you rely on animation by drawing it will be bad in the action part. Meanwhile, CG excels in that section. Ma, the point is it's not that bad.

Character design is also very interesting. They make the character design as blank as possible. As a result, the characters are not the same as the other characters. Robot design is no less good, especially during scenes where robots fight and destroy each other.

Voices are good, they have done a good job. What I like the most is the insert song or accompaniment song that they listen to is very good. The lyrics are also full of meaning and add to the impression in every scene / story that occurs.Sound effects such as fighting and flying robots seem real and that makes me even more happy with this. The point is that the sound is good.

Did you enjoy this one? it all depends on you all, but I can assure you that this one hour and thirty minutes will not be in vain because of the long duration it will pay off with an incredible cg effect.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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