Aug 7, 2019
HatefulRandom (All reviews)
A heavy and thoughtful adventure into a seemingly mundane topic. The story follows the MC, an Ethics teacher, as he attempts to teach his class about the topic while at the same time following his own code of ethics as best as possible. The topics mentioned vary from very dark to very mundane but each chapter introduces us to another new idea.

Story: 8
Quite enjoyable if you like somewhat philosophical work. Some chapters can seem heavy-handed or hamfisted but never boring.

Art: 10
The artist does a fantastic job with detailed pages (and teach's turtleneck) and exaggerated, human expressions. Characters are distinct with their own quirks and styles.

Character: 8
The characters are quite interesting in their own way, expressing themselves through different speaking patterns and mannerisms. It's too early to see how they'll develop, but I believe the author won't let us down.

Overall: 9
Definitely a unique little manga to try. Don't pick it up if you're looking for a school comedy or cutesy slice of life. Don't even expect to agree with the author/MC's opinion on all of these topics. But if you want an exciting journey into ETHICS, there's only one place.