Aug 6, 2019
Death__Virus (All reviews)
I've not got any experience writing reviews, so I'll just give my honest opinion to start with.
Before you watch the anime, read the novel. The anime rushes through so much stuff, if I hadn't read the novel, I'd be quite confused at what was even happening at times...

Once you've read the novel, if you want to give the anime a shot, I say go ahead: It's not a great adaptation, but nor is it that bad. I personally have lost interest in watching this season.

We know from MAL that it only has 13 episodes. I know I stated that they're rushing things, but there is far too much content for a mere 13 episodes and the more interesting stuff happened later in the story (Or at least, what I found more interesting), as such I'll be hoping a second season comes out (They should be able to get the bits I found boring finished up in S1.)