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Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

Alternative Titles

English: Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest
Synonyms: From Common Job Class to the Strongest in the World
Japanese: ありふれた職業で世界最強


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Currently Airing
Aired: Jul 8, 2019 to ?
Premiered: Summer 2019
Broadcast: Mondays at 23:30 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Asread, White Fox
Source: Light novel
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.101 (scored by 28,635 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #78632
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #732
Members: 145,372
Favorites: 1,314


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Jul 29, 2019
Kurenai_Shu (All reviews)
I feel like I'm watching someone grind in an MMO.

This is garbage and I say this as a person that likes the isekai genre.
The thing is, they kinda forgot about the "isekai" part. There's no transportation to another world in this anime because for some reason they skipped it. The pacing is terrible, instead of things playing out as they should they put everything into flashbacks, confusing everyone. And honestly that might have been their goal considering that if you haven't read the source material, nothing in this adaptation is going to make sense. I'm 4 episodes in and if I hadn't read the read more
Jul 30, 2019
NB_Tenchy (All reviews)
Tl;dr This series is a disaster. If you really want to give Arifureta a try read the Manga or the Novel.

May contain spoilers;

Oh boy, where do I begin with this mess. When I saw this was in production by White Fox 2 or 3 seasons ago I was reasonably hyped for it to come out. White Fox has done reasonably good to great work on other series that I have been reading long before an Anime adaptation happened and with only minor nitpicks at some plot rearrangement with my full understanding that Manga and Anime are essentially marketed to separate(but still overlapping) read more
Jul 29, 2019
jon9kittil352 (All reviews)
After watching 4 episodes of this show, I got to say that the story and character so far has been really well. However, the way they use that ultra cheap 3D animation on some enemies, just ruins it all... i find it hard to look away when it all looks so goofy at times. I understand that it might be to much work painting it all, if you dont have the budget for it, but in my opinion, i would rather see some less detailed monster, than a horrific attempt on a 3D monster in a world where everything else is painted.. hopefully there wont read more
Aug 5, 2019
Insanity_Spirit (All reviews)
Most people seem to be really hating the series for having the 1st ep be a power struggle than the keeps getting cranked up with power. I won't deny that it's unlogical for an anime MC to be getting ridiculously OP by the second however I think most of you are judging before waiting to see what happens. As he mentioned in the ending of the 5th episode he could end up facing god-level threats, as a maverick yes he is OP as it stands but he could get annihilated by gods. On top of all of that this anime gives you the fan service read more
Aug 12, 2019
moman243 (All reviews)
Its a good anime, except episode 6 which is a recap episode, A RECAP EPISODE. why would they waste time like that. I like the fantasy setting and protagonist. He's actually op. good anime not the greatest but good.
The fight scenes are really cool. A cute loli and a some seriously dark turns. a lot of blood and gore with THICC bunny girl.
Now episode 1 to 5 are amazingly awesome episode 6 is garbage on collosal level. Why they would put a recap episode is beyond me, it adds a little extra in the beginning but that is it, it goes for read more
Aug 3, 2019
BlueNeonAG (All reviews)
"Masterpiece Novel got misunderstood because of the bad adaptation"

Arifureta is one of the few series that got really popular in Japan by just a novel, it got 3 Audio CD before the anime announcement and the sell is so good when compared to other popular anime series

for the Anime, it got really bad storytelling on ep1 (much better on ep2+). for the animation and visual side, it around average and it still enjoyable

for those people who have been told or heard that "the author is so picky about the staff so the anime got delay by 1 year and the animation got worst lol" well, read more
Aug 4, 2019
BlueEclispe (All reviews)
Our main character is transported from another world to one of fantasy with his class. In this world he gets a somewhat useless magic skill and has to fight in a labyrinth. He gets betrayed by one of his classmates, falls down a deep hole causing everyone to think he is dead and this is where our main story starts. Im rushing through all of this because the show does too.
In this hole he is forced to eat monsters to survive, he learns that eating monsters gives him more and useful powers so he goes on a killing spree to get more powers and we read more
Aug 13, 2019
snephnode (All reviews)
(no spoilers)

Alot of other reviews already mention how badly this story is explained,
It's isekai but you don't even know because they skipped it, character development is insanely rushed, it takes only one episode for the entire character development to shift which is unrealistic and pulls you out of the story to say the least...

Anyhow lackluster story aside;

Imagine the worst CG you've ever seen, and then this anime does it worse, fight scenes feel like you are watching a plastic doll on a screen.

Just when I thought this anime could not possibly get any worse, episode 6 is a recape episode. Yeah, because I totally forgot read more
Aug 19, 2019
Shaddohh (All reviews)
This is my first review on MAL and I couldn't be more disappointed about it.

Arifureta, the anime, is a rushed piece of garbage.

I am primarily an anime watcher rather than a manga or LN/WN reader, so I started with the anime. The first few episodes of the anime provided a glimpse into a world and characters which excited me with a twist that truly grabbed my attention, but it all came crashing down shortly thereafter thanks to the horrendous animation and rushed character development. Following the last disappointing episode, I came to MAL looking for others' impressions. That's when I read reviews suggesting that read more
Aug 10, 2019
Ellenwitch (All reviews)
This really doesn't seem like anyone's cup of tea to be honest. But I didn't mind it so much. The animation isn't a problem for me, as it is for some. So if you're not too picky on that, then you won't be bothered by that supposed flaw.

The characters aren't that bad either. Sure there are issues. But if we just focus on the main main cast, then it's not a problem.

My only real problem with this show, is that it's pacing is a little eeeeeeeh.

I will say, if you're going into this and expecting something like Shield Hero. Then you're mistaken. It's read more
Jul 29, 2019
Otaku_Joe (All reviews)
As of Episode 4 i would recommend anyone ever slightly interested to go read the first light Novel. There is a lot of character and relationship building missing. Arifureta is a great Isekai the anime adaptation however is a real letdown and is leaving a lot of the finer details that make the light novels great out, at least as of episode 4.

The art so far is really good other than the CGI monsters that stick out like a sore thumb. The story is great just not the execution of it. The sound effects and stuff are all top notch. However character progression and relationship read more
Sep 13, 2019
Commmander_fox (All reviews)
First review so don't be please be patient

This anime is a total fucking burning wreck, the anime is shit, the writer couldn't be bothered with developing the characters so did it all in the space of 10 minutes, the original Author is a fucking lolicon, the bad guys randomly switch between normal 2D and UTTERLY HORRIFIC looking 3D and in no way should this show have been approved.



This is like the anime equivalent of the horrible car you bought drunk that's at risk of disintegrating every time you so much as glance at a gear above 2, yes it's shit, yes it's a risk to read more
Aug 14, 2019
WhiteWolfKiba (All reviews)
"Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest" certainly lives up to its name: it's about a commonplace synergist character named Hajime, who can't fight and basically can only transmute rocks, and his change into an OP gun-toting badass killing machine straight out of Devil May Cry! There are a ton of isekai (transported to another world) anime that have been coming out lately, but I wanted to let you know that you'd be missing out if you skipped Arifureta! I've seen the 5 episodes that are out so consider this a preliminary review.

Story: 5/10. This is as generic as an isekai gets: Hajime and his homeroom read more
Aug 12, 2019
Dankables (All reviews)
This show is actually trash. I am someone who actually went out of my way to write a review on this show just to display how bad it is. The first episode starts out skipping a ton of details so you actually have no idea what is happening.

The story is rushed on how he becomes "the best" with a really pathetic gimmick to gain power. I just finished episode 5.5 (yes 5.5, a recap episode and the most recent as of writing this) where it told us exactly what we just watched like it's been running for over 100 episodes. Why? The manga is read more
Sep 14, 2019
Tenderizer17 (All reviews)
1. There is no way the source material is better than this. The best manga or light novel is no-where near this level.
2. The CG is not that distracting, and to be honest it would be a complete waste of the anime industries strained resources to animate the monsters properly. The weapons use actually decent CG, because those are actually worth putting that towards. In Made in Abyss the focus is the monsters, the monsters in Arifureta aren't anywhere near as unique so it's good to put as little effort as possible into them.
3. The strategies used in the battle sequences actually aren't boring, read more
Sep 12, 2019
akumaino (All reviews)
This show doesn't know what kind of show it wants to be so it left it so that it could be any kind of show. You find out that it is an isekai and that the entire class was transported, but you dont see the actual isekai event. It is like playing an rpg where someone else has played the first few levels for you and you are just continuing from there.

Story is horribly done including the attempts at comedy and fanservice.
The art is below average.
The characters don't feel unique. Especially the main characters.

The best way that I can describe this anime is read more
Aug 7, 2019
VanguardasVucava (All reviews)
4/10 for me. Believe me when I say this, but the Arifureta Manga is really good. It's a good mix of Tokyo Ghoul, Fullmetal Alchemist and Shield Hero. The only reason I have this a 4/10 is because they butchered the fucking manga.

They cut out a lot of the important parts that make Arifureta good. I stopped at episode 1 when I saw them skip the school scene. Fucking idiots ruining good material.

I'm currently still reading the manga and I'm excited for the next chapter but the anime is just so fucked up. I'm fine with them changing some parts of read more
Aug 6, 2019
Death__Virus (All reviews)
I've not got any experience writing reviews, so I'll just give my honest opinion to start with.
Before you watch the anime, read the novel. The anime rushes through so much stuff, if I hadn't read the novel, I'd be quite confused at what was even happening at times...

Once you've read the novel, if you want to give the anime a shot, I say go ahead: It's not a great adaptation, but nor is it that bad. I personally have lost interest in watching this season.

We know from MAL that it only has 13 episodes. I know I stated that they're rushing things, but there is read more
Aug 6, 2019
SargeSmoke (All reviews)
Arifureta, our wonderful seasonal isekai trash of Summer 2019. It is an experiment by the novelist, wondering what would occur if he culminates many different elements of manga and novels to create this narrative, hoping to find success in extracting the most praised aspects in order to replicate said acclaim.

The story follows our optimistic and kind protagonist Nagumo Hajime, as he is ridiculed for his supposedly useless skill by his peer who possesses far superior skills (hmmm... kinda reminds me of a series... *cough* SHIELD HERO *cough* ), he is later betrayed by one of his peers and undergoes extraordinary emotional trauma that damages read more
Aug 5, 2019
Nekotsuki17 (All reviews)
You know what? After watching 5 episodes of this anime, you can't really complain about the bad CGI anymore. I mean, let's all be honest here, there's a lot of anime out there with worse animation than this. I know they skipped some of the content but that's not something to really complain about. You can still follow the story if you watch it properly. So instead of staring at the bad CGI and complaining about how dark everything is, just try to enjoy the show. This is the part where you say the internet saying "It's so bad, it's good". And what does that read more