Aug 6, 2019
SargeSmoke (All reviews)
Arifureta, our wonderful seasonal isekai trash of Summer 2019. It is an experiment by the novelist, wondering what would occur if he culminates many different elements of manga and novels to create this narrative, hoping to find success in extracting the most praised aspects in order to replicate said acclaim.

The story follows our optimistic and kind protagonist Nagumo Hajime, as he is ridiculed for his supposedly useless skill by his peer who possesses far superior skills (hmmm... kinda reminds me of a series... *cough* SHIELD HERO *cough* ), he is later betrayed by one of his peers and undergoes extraordinary emotional trauma that damages his psyche, he experiences Marie Antoniette Syndrome whitening his hair and becomes more ruthless (huh... wonder where that originated... Tokyo... guru?). Later on, after traversing the many trials in his way that is easily dispatched thanks to the power of [ Overpowered Protagonist ] skill, he encounters a 300-year-old blonde loli vampire (wow, didn't know Oshino Shinobu can traverse across different shows with her abilities) who exists for the sake of fan-service and deus ex machina.

The art is lacklustre, you can immediately tell the show was created as an immediate cash grab by the producers. Many action scenes are laughable, characters are in still-frames as they dodge and weave across the battlefield, like paper cut-outs dragged across the wall. And oh god the abundance of CGI in the action scenes is nauseating, it is to be expected that CGI is used for gigantic creatures and monsters, but even his weapon is animated in CGI, not evening noting how the lack of recoil and reaction from the user whenever he fires is off-putting. The art can look at most decent in calm scenarios and some scenes can look pretty smoothly drawn, but those are seldom.

I commend the voice actor for their great performance, they do express emotions in scenes, but due to the pacing and direction of the show, it had little effect on me. The soundtrack during fight scenes is... everything? Literally, I hear jazz, heavy metal and orchestral in different fight scenes. Very disconcerting, as if the composer does not even know how to compose fitting music and so experiments with very single genre of music, mashing them into every scene. There's no motif connecting any of these soundtrack, so they just feel like a mish-mash of different music. Disappointingly, they are definitely nothing noteworthy, too bland. Have to admit, the opening isn't bad (not the visual, it's piss poor). However, the ending is as dull as the soundtrack. Also, the sounds they used for the monster are the same exact ones you can get from a soundboard... talk about effort.

Our main character is basically if Ken Kaneki and Iwatani Naofumi performed a fusion. A carbon copy of them both, which is so accurate that it bothers me, the author must have been really lazy. His classmates are stereotypical characters such as the kind and caring childhood friend, the hateful and brash bully etc. Extremely forgettable. The loli vampire's personality is created to be extremely clingy and slightly tsundere. Not of the character's backstory, motivation, personality or design is anything to write home about, the protag is made to look as badass as possible because why not?

All in all, the show is your seasonal, typical isekai anime. If you are a fan of the genre, sure go ahead it might temporarily satisfy your cravings. As for everyone else, it is best to avoid this show for something even remotely more enjoyable and memorable than this. As for me, well I will just keep watching till I hit that one episode where I will drop this show enitrely.