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Aug 6, 2019
Arifureta, our wonderful seasonal isekai trash of Summer 2019. It is an experiment by the novelist, wondering what would occur if he culminates many different elements of manga and novels to create this narrative, hoping to find success in extracting the most praised aspects in order to replicate said acclaim.

The story follows our optimistic and kind protagonist Nagumo Hajime, as he is ridiculed for his supposedly useless skill by his peer who possesses far superior skills (hmmm... kinda reminds me of a series... *cough* SHIELD HERO *cough* ), he is later betrayed by one of his peers and undergoes extraordinary emotional trauma that damages read more
May 7, 2018
"I want to know what love means."

When I first saw the PV of Violet Evergarden, I was completely blown away by the visuals presented. The premise was also very interesting when I first heard of it. A girl trying to understand emotions and feeling through ghostwriting for her clients. Also witnessing the showers of praise that fell on the light novel, it was definitely a must watch for me.

Being brutally honest, the first few episodes of the anime, I felt a little underwhelmed. Although, like all the people said, the show gets much better past the first half. I can understand why the series started read more
Sep 9, 2016
Kimi no Na wa, another one of Makoto Shinkai's outstanding and beautiful works.

Story: 8

I have to admit this though the plot at the start was kinda weird. It went 0 - 100 really quickly in a messy way halfway through the movie. From like a slice of life comedy style anime to a very dramatic. I can't say it's bad nor good. But other than that the story was pretty nice and has captivated me in a way to just keep watching.

Art: 10

Kimi no Na wa is no exception to the beautiful art of Makoto Shinkai's films. Stunning and beautiful, the camera angles and read more
Jul 4, 2016
*SPOILER ALERT* Actually doesn't even really matter
Divine Gate... When I first saw it I thought this would be like the newest shounen 100+ episode fairy tail anime... I was absolutely disappointed with what was presented here though. I'm a guy who enjoys the shounen genre because I really like seeing people getting stronger overtime to overcome obstacles. But this is not shounen, it's overhyped disappointing mess.

Story 1/10

Story? What story? Did you come here for a story? You should turn away before your mind will shut down or explode. All serious though, the story is just a mess... You understand what happens then something completely strange read more