Aug 5, 2019
Insanity_Spirit (All reviews)
Most people seem to be really hating the series for having the 1st ep be a power struggle than the keeps getting cranked up with power. I won't deny that it's unlogical for an anime MC to be getting ridiculously OP by the second however I think most of you are judging before waiting to see what happens. As he mentioned in the ending of the 5th episode he could end up facing god-level threats, as a maverick yes he is OP as it stands but he could get annihilated by gods. On top of all of that this anime gives you the fan service (Well more of it is the fulfillment of romance) then most shows. Most shows will string you along until the very end and then some times not even show exactly how it goes, I'm not sure about everyone else but I hate that feeling. (Shield Hero is a good example of what I mean, Raph x Naofumi) P.S. Just because of the fact that he is in love now doesn't mean that won't change. As we've seen before his classmate is seriously in love with him when they are reunited it could mean that sparks fly because of the loli. I'd recommend waiting before everyone jumps down the throat of the maker of the anime, also calling the show trash / whatever seems rather unreasonable. Please wait until we see what happens before you predict the future and write it off as a bad anime.