Jun 29, 2019
Tmiller7 (All reviews)
I really enjoyed this anime. Harems can be a hit or miss but this one definitely hit it out of the park.

Story: With the story we have a mc who does decent enough in all his studies. Decent enough to be tasked with the job to tutor 2 girls in subjects they have trouble with. We have kind of a childhood friend also join his tutoring group and later a loli senpai. There is also a tsundere teacher who was a tutor for the first two girls but gave up. The story is basically a slice of life about the mc and his time with each of the girls.

Art: Art is good! Each of the characters looked good.

Sound: Sound was also exceptional. The voice acting for each character was a good match. OP and ending song was catchy too as well as the music played in an episode.

Character: All the characters were awesome. In a harem anime, there is usually one girl you like more than the others that you want to win in the end but I personally dont have a character like that for this series. Each of the girls are charming and enjoyable to watch. The mc is a classic harem mc. He is nice and smart enough but other than that, there is nothing really special about him.

Enjoyment, Overall: Overall it was a great series. I highly recommend to people who just want to watch a chill anime that has touching moments that is also really funny. I am excited for a season 2!