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Jun 29, 2019
I really enjoyed this anime. Harems can be a hit or miss but this one definitely hit it out of the park.

Story: With the story we have a mc who does decent enough in all his studies. Decent enough to be tasked with the job to tutor 2 girls in subjects they have trouble with. We have kind of a childhood friend also join his tutoring group and later a loli senpai. There is also a tsundere teacher who was a tutor for the first two girls but gave up. The story is basically a slice of read more
Jun 26, 2019
Rise of the Shield Hero was my main show out of all the anime of Winter 2019.

Story: The story is a pretty common one. An otaku is summoned to another world that he has to help. He is given the role of the Shield Hero which is like the black sheep of all the other heroes. Considered the weakest he is looked down upon. And if thats not enough, he is framed of a crime he didn't commit to make his reputation even worse. He struggles in the world but is able to meet some people and rise read more
Dec 26, 2018
So this was a great series that I really enjoyed watching every Wednesday. A very charming anime, it exceeded my expectations in almost every category.

Story: The story revolves around our main man Sakuta meeting and helping girls with a weird condition called Adolescence syndrome. Unique to each of the girls, he does his best to help everyone who has it for him and his sister have gone through it as well. It reminds me a lot of the Monogatari series which is one of my favorite anime series.

Art: The art is good. Nothing too special, all the characters look good which read more
Dec 25, 2018
Tokyo Ghoul re: 2nd season....
To start off , I would like to let people know that Tokyo Ghoul is one of my favorite series if not my favorite series and I just have to say this anime was pretty disappointing if you are a manga reader(me). If you are an anime only, then yeah, it is a decent series. You might be confused at some points but you will enjoy it but i will just tell you, READ THE MANGA

Story: Kaneki and his memories are back in the final season and he finds himself trying to unite and create peace between read more
Nov 6, 2018
So this was a cute anime. I very much enjoyed this anime and its message and the charming characters that will make u gush.

Story: The story pretty much focuses on our main man Yaichi who is considered the best at this game called Shogi. He holds the title which supports this but yet he is kind of in a slump. That is till one day he meets a grade school girl called Ai who wants him to train her which he does. With her help and others he is eventually is able to get out of his slump. It really read more
Oct 2, 2018
With this season of Overlord you truly got to experience how much of a badass Ainz truly is. I think this definitely is the best season overall.

Story: With anyone who knows anything about Overlord, you know that the story doesn't mainly focus around Ainz but other characters as well. But I just want to talk about Ainz. Basically this season, he finds out that he wants world domination and focuses on how he can accomplish this. But he also has to worry about intruders, keeping a village safe and who he should alliance with. This season I think has read more
Sep 30, 2018
Looking for an anime with a badass mc, and some cute girls? Then look no further than Yuragi-sou Yunna-san!
Story: The story basically revolves around our main man Fuyuzora. He is a guy who specializes in taking care of spirits by punching them. He moves into a yep you guessed it, a haunted hot springs where he rooms with the cute ghost girl haunting the place. He takes a liking to her, and decides to help her along with all the other residents in the building with their problems.

Art: The art in this anime was really good! All the read more
Sep 15, 2018
Being completely honest, I was scared getting into this anime cause I heard how ecchi some of the scenes were from some sources. And yes, some scenes really were but I can't remember the last time I laughed so much at at anime. It was so messed up at some points that it seriously made me lmao.

Story: The story basically revolves around 5 guys in high school that are literally the only dudes in their school. Not getting too much into detail, they get in trouble are sentenced to the school jail which is run by like 3 sadistic girls that read more
Aug 23, 2018
I decided to watch this anime after searching through the romance category of anime cause I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff and I'm glad I decided to watch this!

Story: The story basically revolves around these two couples who all work in the same office who are all otakus (pretty much meaning nerds for anime, manga, games, cosplay, u name it) who all happen to be friends! Its a real slice of life anime that I enjoyed watching. It was mellow, realistic, sweet and funny.

Art: The art was decent! The designs of characters are important for me in a show and all of read more
Aug 21, 2018
Alright so this show kicked ass in every way. It was so good and I enjoyed it so much. I watched the whole series in 2 days just cause it was so good, I couldn't stop.

Story: Sometimes with a series, there is like a drop off point where u feel like some episodes lacked a little and brought the series down. Not with this series though! It was consistently good all the way through. Never once did i find the story to not make sense. It was very unique and kept my interest at all times.

Art: The read more