Jun 28, 2019
SeekingWaylander (All reviews)
Tenchi Muyou Universe is basically an alternate universe of Tenchi Muyou Ryououki. And that's it.

All the characters are different, and the story is a different in certain keypoints, but somehow the core of the Tenchi, still remains. The characters even though now they have a different origin, their story still stays the same. Same but different but still the same.

The art changes a little bit. It is not really the same, there are minor differences between outfits, and probably as a whole general there are others key differences. The animation is exceptional.

The sound and the music are exceptional. There are some slight differences in acting towards the Tenchi's father and grandfather, where the differences are big. But the rest is exceptional.

IF you are a fan of Tenchi you will surely not miss it.